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Future sets, themes, or licenses you would like to see

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Remember the old Nickelodeon show "Doug"? That would be so awesome!! There was the crazy guy next door that had all the gadgets "very expensive, Douglas!!" Those would make for some neat sets. Lego already has ties with Nickelodeon.

Or maybe Rugrats! Those were grea shows when I was a kid.

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I would have loved a Battle Of The Planets (Gatchaman) theme as a kid. A UCS Phoenix would have been awesome. :drool:


Nowadays, I suppose a Game of Thrones theme would be cool, but I can't see it happening.


I'd also love to see a Vespa or Lambretta license with a really detailed Creator model of a classic 60s scooter, or maybe an E-Type Jaguar or James Bond Austin Martin or something.

Game of Thrones is my vote too, but that will NEVER happen.  Never say never?  I'm saying never. 


Would give Lego an excuse to use dragon molds, though. 

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Lego should team with Microsoft and make an Age of Empires line...Castles, Fortresses, Villages, Romans, War Machines...


How about Sim City?  Microbuild modular cities?  I'd have a bunch of fun designing layouts and executing them!


What about Avatar?  Massive Sci-Fi Franchise, incredible ship designs, three new movies coming up.  I'm surprised it hasn't already been done.  


I would also buy Transformers Lego Sets.  I'd want the Transformers to be built at mini fig scale, retailing at 149.99-249.99.

Also, Star Trek UCS Models..


It's too bad Kre-O has those licenses at the moment :-/

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Ok, I've read the whole thread so far:

My thoughts:

1) Game of Thrones is probably very doable from Castle and LOTR. Obviously Lego won't do it officially because it is too mature themed.

2) No one mentioned WWE. I have thought for a long time that would work. Then I see this week there are "WWE Stackdown" sets out now - not sure which Lego brand rip off they are. Hopefully it is WWE testing the waters and a Lego deal is not far off.

3) Looney Toons sets would be great. Lots of bright colors and daft situations.

4) Mary Poppins (because I love that film).

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Lego won't do transformers... Hasbro is essentially a rival toy company. ;)

I'd love to see some futurama though and perhaps some more iconic buildings such as the white house, the kremlin all in the same size as the taj mahal, Eiffel tower, tower bridge and Sydney opera house. Theres plenty to be done!

Edit: military stuff such as a massive aircraft carrier would be interesting.

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Any new set ideas you would love to see Lego do in the future?

My idea is to do new sets based on things from Disney World. I would love to see the Magic Kingdom Castle, It's a Small World set based off the ride, Splash Mountain set (minus the tar baby that is in The Song of the South film, but thank God is not in the ride). It would be awesome to see a turnable set based off of the Carousel of Progress with different scenes of history to it like the ride (almost like the Death Star has with the different scenes.) Loc Blocs did the Magic Kingdom Castle years ago, but I know Lego could do t much better.

Any ideas?

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This thread is tl;dr and I can't even remember what I posted earlier, but if it has already been mentioned (perhaps even by me) Percy Jackson expanded universe would be big money. I think there is a market for Greco-Roman mythology and mythological sets in general, and they could work in the 7 Wonders as a spinoff hybrid architecture/mythology line. Even if it isn't tied to the Percy Jackson franchise, I think a mythological theme would do well. I would totally buy a Colossus of Rhodes UCS/Creator Advanced set.

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How about a Fight Club set for Adult Collectors?  It could take place at Lou's Tavern.  Minifigures would be Ed Norton's nameless character, Tyler Durden, Bob, Blondie (Jared Leto) and Marla Singer.  I can already visualize the little 2x2 tile with the rules of Fight Club on it.  :D

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A USC Enterprise would be amazing. I also wouldn't mind seeing the following:


- A 'Castle'-type theme based off of Greek Mythology.


- Or a 'Castle' theme based off of Warcraft lore(particularly Warcraft I or II).  


- A couple of ridiculously awesome, classic muscle and/or sport cars.  Just think:  Lego Lambo Countach.  Mmmm....


- A number of military aircraft done up Sopwith Camel style. I know, I know... it's a stretch...   


- I've also been waiting to see a train set that looks realistic. I'm talkin about a big, bad, intimidating motorized locomotive!


- I'd love to see the Pirates theme return.  While it would be cool to see a re-imagined line that kids could get into, I'd be happy with adult styling. :D 


- And lastly, because I'm a castle freak, I'd LOVE to see a modernized take on the classic 80's and early 90's Castle sets.  'Realism' + play features for da win! 

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