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  1. Why so serious? Have a laugh!

    Flagged for removal.  What was unique about it?
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  2. To buy or not to buy

    Yeah, I figure it will be worth the drive to check it out. Going to meet up with the seller on Thursday. I will be looking hard for those minifigs and sails.
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  3. Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (22 Deals @ Aug 12 6:00 PM) Last 48hrs City LEGO City Sky Police Parachute Arrest 60208 Building Kit (218 Pi... $31.99 [20% off] Dropped 8% on Aug 12 8:20 AM LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center 60139 Building Kit $40.00 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Aug 6 8:20 PM LEGO City Rover Testing Drive 60225 Building Kit, New 2019 (202 ... $23.99 [20% off] Dropped 2% on Aug 10 2:16 PM LEGO City Sky Police Drone Chase 60207 Building Kit (192 Piece) $23.99 [20% off] Dr
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  4. Estate Sale Action - listing, lot pics and more

    And if you drive "efficiently" enough will you be able to cut it down to 30 minutes?
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  5. Props to Orlando Bloom the AFOL!

    I would think that he would be able to get some nicer display shelves for his sets.
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  6. Star Wars (Movies, TV, Books, Other Media) - general discussion

    You don't stop a $4 Bil juggernaut on a dime, even if it has gone off-the-rails.  Who knows what will happen.  At this point, my wife is getting mad at me because I keep caring.  *sigh*   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMR5zf1J1Hs
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  7. Super Mario 2020

    judging by TLM2 sets; we at least know that LEGO going "all in" doesn't necessarily equate to "winners" 🙄 There's going to be completionist that will hunt for the rare ones...rare ones are anyone's guess at this point...my money is on Yoshi
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  8. What did you do today?

    Continued cleanup from the "Derecho" storm that blew through Eastern Iowa.  100+ mph straight line winds for 30-40 mins straight.  Overall our house was spared but the city looks like a war zone.  So glad to have gotten power back last night.  I realize what a blessing having power again is!  
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  9. What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

    I try to use the lego fine print value of the freebie,  and decrement that amount from the other items .  
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  10. Brickfolio and Price Guide FAQs (Site Update)

    Thread is locked. Any new threads will be locked.  Please do not message me for your data.  All the data is safe, backed up multiple times over. Brickfolio will be available this year.  I am working on multiple projects that will help all of you out in many ways.
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  11. Friends 2020

    For guys to play with? My daughter prefers the dolls over the blocky minifigs.
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  12. Retiring Soon - open speculation

    I didn't want to open up a discussion on Disney's financials on the Retiring soon forum.   The point is that they will take any stream of income due to the current circumstances, therefore I'm speculating that the Disney Theme Legos may last longer than expected.    
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  13. Complaint Thread

    I have my hulu on my pc setup so I don't have commercials.
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  14. Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping including postage box sizes

    no, i'm sorry, i should be more clear. so i'm noticing that these other LEGO boxes are more wide than the modulars that came before. Downtown Diner is 15"'s wide I believe. so my current set of 24x16x4/6 works just fine. now that Barracuda Bay, Nintendo, Tree House, Corner Garage are 19"'s wide i'm looking for a new size box for these bigger sets. Rough measure of the box puts them at: 23x19x5. So thinking a 24x20x6 so there is some space for bubble wrap/paper to protect corners and sides.
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  15. Monkie Kid Line

    What a bunch of crap IMO. Kids probably will love it though.
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  16. Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    Right, I got the same error on the laptop. Tried a few times, hours apart. Never worked (this is first long outage that I remember in a while). However, the app worked flawlessly. Got an e-mail confirmation immediately. Edit: I don't know how long they've been trying, but I scheduled all of my pickups last week (about 3 I think) on the laptop successfully.
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  17. Musical Picks

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  18. Minifigure Photos

    2020 Holiday by Jez Rider [Insta: Jezbags]
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  19. 75284 - Knights of Ren Transport Ship

    or $370 rrp to get the set. *sigh*
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  20. Vehicles you would like to see in LEGO

    '74 Manriton Andromeda by shizik27
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  21. MOC Highlights

    Armored Limousine – A & B by Alpha Bernini
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  22. Neo Space

    Classic space sandcrawler by Walter Whiteside Jr.
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  23. Flora MOCs

    Cascadian Jungle Waterfall by Stefan G
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  24. Minifigure Dioramas

    Duel at the Bamboo Shrine by mrcp6d
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  25. Mech MOCs

    Hard-suits: Defenders of Bricklyn by zwinman11
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