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  1. Alpinemaps

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    This evening built 41614 Owen and Blue Brickheadz
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  2. KShine

    See anything good?

    Good/worthwhile deal.
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  3. Max Profit

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (44 Deals @ Feb 28 12:00 AM) Last 48hrs City LEGO City Tuning Workshop Toy Car Garage 60258, Cool Building Se... $79.99 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Feb 16 3:40 PM LEGO City Ocean Exploration Submarine 60264, with Submarine, Cor... $32.00 [20% off] Dropped 6% on Feb 26 11:34 AM LEGO City Fire Helicopter Response 60248 Firefighter Toy, Fun Bu... $23.99 [20% off] Dropped 17% on Feb 18 4:20 AM LEGO City Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 Building Kit (327 Piece) $31.9
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  4. TheOrcKing

    71029 - Minifigures - Series 21

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  5. exracer327

    Star Wars 2021

    I'm curious if the Luke minifigure will have the Assault on Hoth head.  Otherwise, I really don't get this microfighter set.  Didn't get it when it was announced and now that I see, I really don't get it.
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  6. stackables

    Any Brickfolio update?

    Yeah, I don't need the feature to come back. I just want access to all the info I put into the feature. Maybe we can get access to the excel document or something similar.
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  7. KShine

    Alternative Brands and Shops (investing/building)

    Looking over the latest Brickpicker posts, and I see your post (in condensed form) - it ends with: I will not be reading anything else on this thread and blocking Frank, good luck, I hope you... And in my mind, I expected it would read... get the help you need.
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  8. Mark Twain

    eBay Managed Payments: Problems & Concerns

    Yes. I think it is located at the bottom of the shipping page when you go to create a label. You can select pay from pending funds or PayPal/bank account.
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  9. TheOrcKing

    31120 - Knight’s Castle (Rumored)

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  10. TheOrcKing

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!

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  11. TheOrcKing

    Musical Picks

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  12. TheOrcKing

    Favorite Brickfilms

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  13. Maybe . . . Looks like you’d have to invoke the latest winter storm https://community.ebay.com/t5/Announcements/UPDATE-Seller-Protections-for-shipping-delays-from-storms-across/ba-p/31627227
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  14. Voltron

    Retiring Soon - open speculation

    Hard limits at SAH are making getting razor crest alot harder than I thought it would be. Usually the limits reset once lego changes the max allowed for a set, but for alot of the hot potatoes like razor crest/ Gingerbread house, they have been at limit one since before xmas. Doubt they will ease up for another few months as they mist still be struggling with manufacturing such a wide inventory of themese / sets nowadays.
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  15. Voltron

    Fan Vote - Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group!

    I think this set did well as was part of last nexo Knight wave and was very limited shelf duration (sells for about £100 on eBay, RRP was £40). This was also limited to John Lewis in UK.  I remember seeing the last NK wave on a shelf in JL and thinking what fool would but them, then checked Ebay price and bought the last 2 sets on shelf lol. It is abit of a roll of the dice though for these obscure themes which set will do well. In UK the other 2 big set from NK haven't did well (72005
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  16. terrymc4677

    Good EBAY article about Lego investing!

    Luckily for @exciter1, most of his local stores still have Atlantis sets on the shelves at 80% off. He's holding out for 90% though. Easy money. 
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  17. joneyyy1981

    What Lego set did you buy today?

    just had 4x 76108 delivered. £75 each. going for £180 + now, must have found some in the storeroom...
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  18. melting

    2021 LEGO VIP Collectible Coin Series

    This is what I'm doing as well.
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  19. redghostx

    Daily LEGO Deals - CANADA

    I didn't see an announcement, I just happened to be on their website looking for something else.
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  20. Pseudoty

    Thread of Packaging Excellence

    Were the GCs gifts or discounted if so why not then?  The new “adult” box is nice so if you are just buying to hold that may limit your customer base or asking price in comparison to MISB. You can always build it and sell it used no box and break even at worse. I have a minty box I can sell/trade you for cheap if you were local. 
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  21. exracer327

    WANDAVISION Discussion - **Spoilers**

    Upon further reflection of the end credit scene this week - does anyone else have thoughts of Pet Cemetery (ala Flash in Justice League)?
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  22. MarleyMoose

    Complaint Thread

    Name one time in human history when the group fighting to ban books and censor speech were the good guys. I'll wait..
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  23. redghostx

    Costco Canada Deals

    Costco added some sets and have the NES for shipping with a Mario Adventure Maker included. Good deal for builders or gift givers.
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  24. cobrakai

    Selling through Amazon FBA

    In this case, i'd say you might be using the "head start" program where your inventory can be available for sale before it arrives?  That causes this glitch sometimes.  This also happens with pricing errors that haven't shown up on the pricing alert screen sometimes.  I have one right now that is stuck stranded for a "listing error" and they said it is stuck at a return center and will remain stranded until it transfers to a normal warehouse that can fulfill orders.  Your best bet is to edit the
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  25. JimboJet

    Polybags - general discussion

    Found a few more new polybags at local Fred Meyer (Kroger chain): 30568 - City "Skater", a skateboarder with convertible car 30578 - Creator 3-in-1 German Shepherd (also make tarantula and snake) 30579 - Creator "Easter Chick Egg"  
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