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Official Reveal of the LEGO Creator Corner Garage (10264)

Official Reveal of the LEGO Creator Corner Garage (10264)

In typical fashion as we approach the end of the year, LEGO has officially unveiled the next in it's line of Creator Modular Buildings - The Corner Garage.  The set will retail for $199.99 (US) and will be available beginning January 1, exclusively at LEGO Shop at Home.  No doubt it will be available elsewhere starting 2nd Quarter 2019.  The

Betrayal at Cloud City, Lego 75222 - Review , Value, and Size Comparison

In this review, Brook Johnson takes you on a photo tour of Lego 75222, Betrayal at Cloud City.  Lots of people dislike this set, but he will balance the negatives with a lot of positives.  He will compare its value to other big sets, and you will be surprised how big it really is.  Shortcuts Below:

Photo Tour - 1:15, Minifigures - 7:30, Storing it on a Shelf - 9:15, Stats - 11:00,

Lego Voltron Preview and Lego Ideas sets, Review, History, and Value

Brook Johnson goes over the cost, size, and availability of the recently announced Lego Voltron 21311 set.  He shows a close up of the box and Lions (2:42), looks at the history of Lego Ideas (5:01), discusses what sets might retire in 2018 (6:30), and reviews price appreciation of retired sets (8:46).