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  1. Mark Twain

    Complaint Thread

    Delta variant appears to have been 1000x more virus present in those infected than with previous strains. This is according to our state infections disease doc and several studies. Break through infections are happening at increasingly higher rates in those vaccinated because the amount of virus coming into contact with people are overwhelming their immune system and not giving their bodies enough time to respond. Normal, non filtered clothe masks are ineffective because of the volume of viru
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  2. exracer327

    Masters of the Universe - Netflix - 2021

    He-Man was a bit after my childhood.  So other than being vaguely familiar with characters and places and having randomly seen some of the cartoons, I never got into it. https://www.cbr.com/masters-universe-revelation-kevin-smith-inteview/ I saw a video clip of Kevin Smith excitedly bragging how "he" killed off He-Man... twice.  How do you launch a TV series called "He-Man" and then kill off "He-Man"?  I can't for the life of me figure out why fans would be pissed off. *facepalm*  wow.
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  3. Phil B

    What Lego set did you buy today?

    Bought a complete 7740 off a friend for 200 EUR recently. I remember looking at catalogs for hours as a kid, always admiring this set. Only problem with this purchase is that the set is now at my parents’ house. Need to wait until there is a need for a trip across the ocean to pick it up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  4. exracer327


    My daughter has the original.  This one pales by comparison.  It's crazy that there are only 250 pieces less in this new grand hotel from the original but look at all those fall, spring, and snow related build pieces so you can change the season for the picnic area.  But what "Grand Hotel" would actually have a picnic area?  What a waste of parts.  They should have called this "Country Hotel" or something similar.  I bet it would sell better and give the minifigures (kids) an excuse for a r
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  5. Max Profit

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (29 Deals @ Jul 24 12:35 PM) Last 48hrs Architecture LEGO Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square Building Kit, New 2019 ... $64.00 [20% off] Dropped 19% on Jul 16 7:40 PM LEGO Architecture Skylines: Tokyo 21051 Building Kit, Collectibl... $48.00 [20% off] Dropped 2% on Jul 19 9:07 PM City LEGO Friends Heartlake City Movie Theater 41448 Building Kit; Gr... $39.99 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Jul 21 10:08 PM LEGO City Family House 60291 Building Kit; Toy for Kid
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  6. cladner

    Retiring Soon - open speculation

    Sith tf 75272 these are being widely clearanced at Walmart for $59 25% off or less. also being clearanced at $55 or less at target. Came out beginning of 2020.
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  7. RosstheBoss1138

    Any Brickfolio update?

    Does anyone have an update when the Brickfolio will be up and running again? 
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  8. keymomachine

    Laptop/Chromebook Recommendation

    Yeah, I totally get this. I'm not getting rid of this laptop, just probably keep it plugged in somewhere if I suddenly want to play some games or need a windows app. I'm looking for something easier to take around the house (to the basement) to be closer to the bricks and boxes. 
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  9. stevez73

    help identifying minifigure torso

    Thanks but every one of those on the link you provided has the printing on the back of the torso. I'm looking for the one that does not have back print.
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  10. stuco191

    Selling off my collection

    Bringing this thread back to life. I was actually able to sell off my collection the first time around over 3 years ago. We bought a house and then I got right back into the game... A lot more intensely then last time in fact! But it looks like we may be moving again possibly to the Chicagoland area. Not finalized yet but could be going the direction. So for the right price I may be interested in selling off all or most of my inventory to the right buyer. Here is a google sheet of my curren
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  11. Darth_Raichu

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!

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  12. Darth_Raichu

    2021 Vidiyo

    Not all Dimensions packs were created equal.  Some were 🤑 a lot were 👎. Admittedly, even those $1 Bad Cops Fun Packs eventually hit $10 on eBay
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  13. exciter1

    My order status

    Love “The Jerk” reference. I was totally expecting The Queen!
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  14. BricksBrotha

    Loki - Disney+

    LOKI LEGO: Not available in your timeline by ochre.jelly
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  15. exciter1

    Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    I was killing my step goals in December.
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  16. TheOrcKing

    Musical Picks

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  17. TheOrcKing

    Mech MOCs

    Evangelion Unit.2 by Buffoon    
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  18. TheOrcKing


    Futuron Security Inc. - TLN-2 Armored Personnel Carrier
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  19. TheOrcKing

    Modular houses - building tips & inspirations

    Ocean Drive by Kristel
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  20. TheOrcKing

    Flora MOCs

    The River by Nick Sweetman
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  21. TheOrcKing

    Minifigure Dioramas

    Zombie Compound WD 40 by Nick Sweetman
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  22. TheOrcKing

    Brickheadz MOCs

    NCS - Brickheadz by Horlack
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  23. TheOrcKing

    Neo Space

    Neo Galactic Peace Keeper by GBailey NA
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  24. TheOrcKing

    Minifigure Photos

    Looney Tunes Road Runner by weeLEGOman
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  25. Justy6969

    What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

    Sold my 10123 Cloud City for £2K. Bought 2 years ago for £1K. Shame to let it go , but wanted to free up some cash flow for future purchases.Had to make a wooden shipping case for it though as no-one could make an acrylic case for under £140 in UK to use in packing process. 
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