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Betrayal at Cloud City, Lego 75222 - Review , Value, and Size Comparison

In this review, Brook Johnson takes you on a photo tour of Lego 75222, Betrayal at Cloud City.  Lots of people dislike this set, but he will balance the negatives with a lot of positives.  He will compare its value to other big sets, and you will be surprised how big it really is.  Shortcuts Below:

Photo Tour - 1:15, Minifigures - 7:30, Storing it on a Shelf - 9:15, Stats - 11:00,

Lego Voltron Preview and Lego Ideas sets, Review, History, and Value

Brook Johnson goes over the cost, size, and availability of the recently announced Lego Voltron 21311 set.  He shows a close up of the box and Lions (2:42), looks at the history of Lego Ideas (5:01), discusses what sets might retire in 2018 (6:30), and reviews price appreciation of retired sets (8:46).

Lego Statue of Liberty 21042 - Review, Facelift, and Comparison

Brook Johnson gives and overview of the Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty 21042.  He first changes the face to look more natural (1:50), goes over set stats (4:02), compares it to an old set and a real life photo (6:52), and finishes with some collecting and investing advice (10:40).