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  1. COVID-19 / Coronavirus Discussion

    OT, but, I know of at least three households where the dad is planning to build the UCS MF w/ his son...and Ofcourse I am hoping to do as well. So, Building the UCS MF is apparently become a rite of passage for father & son...it's a real thing.
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  2. Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (9 Deals @ Feb 26 1:00 PM) Last 48hrs City LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade 60216 Building Kit (943 Piece) $79.99 [20% off] Dropped 1% on Feb 24 7:01 AM LEGO City Great Vehicles Snow Groomer 60222 Building Kit (197 Pi... $15.99 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Feb 24 2:35 AM Classic LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698 $45.99 [23% off] Dropped 4% on Feb 26 9:31 AM LEGO Classic Gray Baseplate 10701 $11.99 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Feb 26 4:30 PM Disney
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  3. Ideas #017: 21309 - NASA Apollo Saturn V

    But that doesn't help anyone in Europe. They are different markets in every aspect. It all depends on what you want out of the game and how you play it. Me I don't QFL but hold and sell in bulk. Its worked out fine so far.
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  4. Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    I see "6 years and up"
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  5. LEGO Minions 2020

    75546 Might be good to stock up when the price is right on for the Track part alone.
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  6. 75021 - Republic Gunship

    My last LEGO lot had a .22 bullet casing mixed in for fun.
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  7. Retiring Soon - open speculation

    Yes July is always short like that.  
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  8. Star Wars 2020 or maybe 2015

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  9. I bought the Lego Millennium Falcon

    mmmmmmm, was it over $42?
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  10. New Frank Lloyd Wright models by LEGO Architecture founder Adam Reed Tucker

    I just want to say I really appreciate your posts and reviews. Well done. Bummer they aren't doing more of these in Lego, but I think they are just too niche for mass market.
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  11. Daily LEGO Deals - Australia

    Can you believe LEGO Shop at Home plugging the mandalorian BH set 6 MONTHS before it’s available? Think that crest ship is even further away. On that note , why does a cool bounty hunter have the KIA Carnival of space? Shouldn’t he have some cool looking beast? How many “child’s” is he expecting to pick up? 
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  12. 10251 - Brick Bank

    I also have only one but a fine box.  It is a very nice set but at $400 yeah I may have to list it.
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  13. 71044 - Disney Train and Station

    Not a bad set at all to load up on at 40% off. 
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  14. Shop at Home calendar and offers - March 2020

    Double dip opportunity on the 9th providing the Train freebie lasts that long (unlikely).
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  15. Ideas 10,000 Supporters Club

    in his comments he mentions that he made a change so that you can switch the order around.
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  16. 76151 - Venomosaurus Ambush

    What?  It will be insta-priced at $64 (20% off) on Amazon, putting right at that 10 cents per piece that people seem to like.  And for the rest of us, we'll pick it up at 50% at Walmart the day after Christmas.  I really don't see the issue here.
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  17. That sounds horrible and thanks for sharing the details.  I don't know much about ToyCentric but this definitely sounds like their customer ran a scam on them, and they passed the buck to you.  That sucks.  It's their customer who ran the scam so it's ToyCentrics liability.  There are ways that you can force people to do the right thing.  It's just a matter of time, money, and peace.  If they're doing business legally in any US state they have a registered corporate agent who receives legal proc
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  18. Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping including postage box sizes

    Okay thanks everyone. I’ll go with the padded envelope with cardboard.
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  19. 21031 - Burj Khalifa (2016)

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  20. 40370 - Steam Engine (40 Years of LEGO Trains)

    isn't his hat on backwards?
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  21. What Lego set did you buy today?

    picked these up today locally for $35
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  22. Site Improvements & General FAQs

    Thanks, this should be working normally now.
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  23. 71027 - Minifigures - Series 20

    Thankfully they didn't do a Mrs. Gold in this set.  
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  24. 2020 BRICKPICKER LEGO Raffle to Keep St. Paul School Strong!

    I appreciate that.  This is our 5th LEGO raffle, so I realize people wait till the end.  Plus we have to send out a few emails to remind people. Here are just a few of the sets from the St. Paul Mystery A LOT!    
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  25. What LEGO set did you build today?

    I put the Exo Suit up with my Reinhardt and D.Va mechs. They scale well together.
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