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  1. Max Profit

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (19 Deals @ May 12 8:08 PM) Last 48hrs Architecture LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection 21043 San Francisco Buildin... $39.99 [20% off] Dropped 2% on May 10 12:35 PM City LEGO City Great Vehicles Diving Yacht 60221 Building Kit (148 Pi... $14.39 [28% off] Dropped 10% on May 9 7:19 AM LEGO City Fire Rescue Helicopter 60281 Building Kit; Firefighter... $31.99 [20% off] Dropped 14% on May 5 7:04 AM LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck 60280 Building Kit; Fun Firef
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  2. redcell

    76023 - The Tumbler

    You're leaving a ton of money on the table by holding for as long as you are.  I went back and looked, and I had 8 Tumblers.  If I sold those today, I'd gross about $4160 and net somewhere around $1760 after subtracting my cost of goods and selling fees.  In reality, I sold those in 2016 for a net profit of $484.  So I would have made around 4x as much if I'd held onto those Tumblers for an extra five years.  However, over those intervening years, I was able to grow that $484 to $3448 by reinves
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  3. REDUCE523

    Talking Stocks in 2021

    Im so interested in crypto but everything seems to be flowing to get rich and bitcoin might take a dump with elon pulling out.
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  4. redghostx

    Ideas #027: 21319 - Friends Central Perk

    Manufacture date of April 2021 (wk/yr) Yay LEGO!
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  5. freakchem

    Selling through Amazon FBA

    Well, that sounds hurt...
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  6. LisaH

    2021 BRICKPICKER LEGO Sweepstakes to Keep St. Paul School Strong!

    My grandson's class is too cute! Pre-K 3--His class is the winner of the SPS Lego Contest for the "mystery lot" in the sweepstakes! Their class and 5th grade! (hmmmmm, I wonder who's kid is in fifth grade???)  
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  7. BricksBrotha

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    Thats a great plan, thanks for the response.  I'm not a TikTok shamer, the opposit actually.  It has very good uses and just like any technology, not so good uses.   I was genuinely curious as to your plan.  I just saw youtube announced plans for a tiktok like platform called youtube shorts.  And they created a $100m fund to pay creators.  Might be time to make the jump straight to Youtube shorts.  Also goes to show the big players are threatened by Tiktok & the number of users, b/c they are
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  8. joneyyy1981

    Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency

    the doge thing is dead. you either was in weeks ago. people starting to pull money be shocked if it ever hits 70c again, from what im seeing they all heading for that shibu inu now... rinse & repeat
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  9. Datoyman

    Ideas 10,000 Supporters Club

    Born in 1984 didnt see star wars movies until the remastered vhs trilogy in 1996. I watched the spaceballs vhs hundreds of times before I ever saw a star wars movie so I did not get all the satire but i loved the comedy. Great movie
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  10. I laughed when the certificate generator didn't work. It was a nice send off...
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  11. TheOrcKing

    Favorite Brickfilms

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  12. TheOrcKing

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!

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  13. TheOrcKing

    Musical Picks

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  14. marcandre


    They usually hold the value. LEs can go up. 750 Mando LEs sold out instantly. Some are prob already on ebay. 
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  15. Captain_Obvious

    2021 LEGO VIP Rewards Discussion

    is it just me or are you still a little peeved at not actually earning anything?
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  16. Darth_Raichu

    10292 - Friends The Apartments

    Ah, now I remember.  Those were the reasons I watched the show... (hint: not the jokes, not the writing either)  
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  17. $20 on joe vs dan

    Stranger Things 2021

    weird how a next set causes some to retire and others to prolong before retirement
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  18. KShine

    choose between 5 sets at -50%

    Buy the 60197 Train @ 50% off.
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  19. citymorgue

    May the 4th Be With You 2021

    I'm still waiting on my shipment... It's been stuck in Salt Lake for the last 5 days because a damn sorting machine is down... I want my order ugh. As far as the GWP landscape scenes, I really like them.  I think they are pretty nifty and a lot more interesting to build and display than a simple minifigure.  I know some of you prefer the minifigures, but these IMO hit the right spot for a GWP type of stuff.
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  20. Hardwired

    What did you do today?

    "Then on the way home a house exploded and I was the only one around." I think this is good as a confession.
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  21. Alpinemaps

    City 2021

    It's certainly true in LEGO City.
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  22. Alpinemaps

    Complaint Thread

    https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/what-we-know-about-scripps-health-cyberattack/2598969/ And if you're interested in cyber crime as a whole, I strongly suggest listening to the Darknet Diaries Podcast.  Amazingly good podcast.  One of the best I've ever heard.  I geek out on penetration testing, cyber attacks, breaches, cyber security, etc.  Every episode is good.
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  23. Darth_Raichu

    Star Wars 2021

    Licensing and awards are 2 separate businesses.  Plus, as the article pointed out this might just be LucasFilm trying to be polite.   
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  24. coelian

    Daily LEGO Deals - UK

    I see items listed as sold from amazon UK and like 20% cheaper than amazon.de prices but they don't shop to Switzerland. Shipping fees from UK have gone up for me as well, from gbp4.99 to gbp14.99. Although some sets have stayed at 4.99 shipping its usually not enough for me to make an order. 
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  25. Grep

    My order status

    I've noticed this on a variety of sets from Amazon over the last couple of months (sold by AZ, shipped in Lego branded boxes)
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