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  1. ppdude

    LEGO VIP Insiders/GWP Discussion

    Nothing is free. You have to spend valuable time to click and odds of winning is almost zero.
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  2. redghostx

    Super Mario 2023

    Great looking set, early purchase for sure since it's not $500 Yay LEGO!
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  3. redghostx

    LEGO Dreamzzz

    There are some great sets from a creative standpoint and my son is interested in a few. I think it's great that they're reintroducing sets that Lego used to be. Creative play, instead of detailed models (with bricks). There should be room for both kinds of sets, just not necessarily in a portfolio. Yay LEGO!
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  4. TheOrcKing

    Musical Picks

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  5. Oh, I like this. Also, nice outhouse. Hopefully this one is not already prefilled like the porta-potty in last year's Train Station.
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  6. Islego

    Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    Does anyone have any information about what is going on with the "negative" values in the receipts column of the inventory ledger report. This is hitting me hard recently and I know I am not the only one. It is just too insane for me to accept and I honestly don't know what to do. I estimate I'm now over $5,000 lost due to these negatives in the receipts column. I know this is probably small to many but for me its a lot to have go missing right before holidays.  This is a seller support thread I
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  7. Bricklectic

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

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  8. Pseudoty

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    This is my next up build allegedly. You can swap out the 1x4 black jumper tiles and sell the minifigure since it really doesn't fit the scale of the set if that works for you.
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  9. Bricklectic

    I Love It! Thread

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  10. exracer327

    Star Wars 2023

    Yeah, after seeing that I was considering light fishing line to fix it.  It's not perfect but it would stop the droop.
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  11. Pseudoty

    Staples 40% off select shipping supplies

    New to me, I haven’t ordered boxes from Staples since last October and this was not an option, 40% off your first subscription order. I bumped it out to 6 months then it becomes only 10% so will just cancel. There is also a deal on tape that stacks with boxes but didn’t look into it. 
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  12. TheOrcKing

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!: The Darth Raichu show

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  13. raindog

    75367 - Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    I have one, but no LEGO on it.  
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  14. cladner

    Retiring Soon - open speculation

    Ignore my edited post. Must look closer next time.  Just regular Atat retiring not ucs
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  15. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/search.page?q=advent calendar#T=A Clicking on one of the calendars gives you the contents (e.g. "24 sets"), clicking on that link gives you: How much more accurate do you want it to be?
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  16. cardensb

    Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series UCS - Wish List

    Okay, how about a UCS Ghost and Phantom II? Add a Phantom I for retro Rebels Spectra play. All I ask is someplace to adequately store the projectiles...
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  17. cardensb

    75357 - Ghost & Phantom II

    I have three bags left to go on the build.  It feels pretty robust.  Some of the build sequence could be changed to make accessing areas to snap on assemblies a little easily like reversing 127 and 126. It's another ship that makes me wonder why some parts are the colors they are, did the builders not have a few more like colored parts?  Examples - their are some hidden 1 stud triangles on each side.  One side has them in green, the other in red.  It makes me feel like they are encouraging
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  18. Dark Helmet

    Selling through Amazon FBA

    I have sold a few things to Canada at its always a pain in the a$$ with customs duty. Amazon automatically charges the seller duty while their FAQ states its the buyers responsibility.  Every time I had to fight for months going back and forth between reps showing them their own policy before getting refunded. I just stopped selling to Canada because it wasn't worth the hassle.
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  19. Sozial

    Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2021

    Oh cmon: 7,7 % thats almost nothing. But if you do not have a business registered you could send it to a parcel receiving company next to the border in germany, drive there and pick up the parcels and drive back, without paying import taxes. There are almost no border checks.
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  20. $20 on joe vs dan

    Minifigures Plus - LEGO Marvel Series 2 Collectible Minifigures (71039) Pre-Order

    or this was always normal behavior (in some stores) but now w/ the internet and social media; it's all exposed and over discussed.
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  21. brickolodon

    Marvel Series 2 cases and sets $150 and $62.50 In stock

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  22. TheOrcKing

    Favorite Brickfilms

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  23. brickvoyeur

    21343 - Viking Village

    A 30 second tour of google yielded: So roll with that Viking age, as it captures everything. 
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  24. BricksBrotha

    Marvel & DC - general discussion

    Has anyone seen any more info, leaks or pics about the supposed UCS/MBS Avenger Tower rumored to be released in Nov?!
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  25. bassbin

    What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

    I'm finding I have to keep sets for longer and longer. Ten years ago I would find a reasonable number could be sold for 2-3x retail after a couple of years. Now it seems to be taking 3-4 years for a lot of my sets. I'm not complaining though as it's way better than bank interest.
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