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  1. Jbad87

    What did you do today?

    I finished my gym today. We moved to a property that had a 40' x 20' outbuilding that the previous owners let go to disrepair. I started the project in April.
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  2. coelian

    My order status

    Bought a few 75159s today for 337eur a piece, i guess someone found them in a warehouse somewhere. Hopefully a quick flip over xmas period. 
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  3. vasp

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

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  4. HandyHand

    Ideas Promo - xxxxx? - Foosball Table?

    I think this set will be a failure, sales wise. I understand how they've tried many different ways to make it work, but ultimately if it's technically not feasable, then instead of making a downsized version that not many people actually want just admit defeat and move on.
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  5. Bold-Arrow

    LEGO Bans - Open Discussion

    forgive me for stating the obvious but you order this much you know the risk. Not saying dont go all in, but at the same time the risk involved should be taken into account 
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  6. Darth_Raichu

    Flick Picks & TV Clicks

    Here we gooooo.........  
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  7. keymomachine

    Looking for hi res lego logo for a banner

    Vector graphics is what you need: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:LEGO_logo.svg  
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  8. My_own_2_bricks

    Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    That was my calculation as well. Wife has even offered to do this work so there is that… YMMV
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  9. exciter1

    LEGO VIP Rewards/GWP Discussion

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  10. Captain_Obvious

    10305 - Lion Knights' Castle

    Nice! I too have my 6016 locked and loaded for an epic scene when I pick up my 10305 next week. Not to mention 6062 and 6074. Can't wait to bring all these fiefdoms together.
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  11. Shortbus311

    71040 - Disney Castle

    What retirement list are you looking at that it is not on? It is on both Brickfanatics and Stonewars lists for retiring at the end of 2022. Along with retiring soon tag on LEGO Shop at Home. Even Brickset has the retiring date as Dec 2022. Sent from my SM-G996U using Tapatalk
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  12. Ecto

    What LEGO set did you build today?

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  13. Darth_Raichu

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!: The Darth Raichu show

    Depending on the church, "Everyone on the floor" & "You know what to do" can also come from the Preachers 
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  14. cladner

    Retiring Soon - open speculation

    nvm dementia setting in
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  15. TheOrcKing

    Favorite Brickfilms

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  16. weemsc54

    Star Wars 2023

    Just opened one last week - 3x regular boxes inside the larger Walmart packaging. 
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  17. ronyaybepis

    What Lego set did you buy today?

    I caved to FOMO and bought the UCS Razor Crest.  No idea when I will find time to build it nor space to store it, but here we are.
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  18. Bold-Arrow

    76405 - Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition

    Rumored ?!! Where the heck are the mods? I remember the golden age when the mop made sure business is taken care of ? SMH! @exciter1 @BrickLegacy @Alpinemaps
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  19. stackables

    Cloud City Fett pricing help

    Any help? 
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  20. Pseudoty

    40499 - Santa's Sleigh

    In Warehouse so limit reset. 
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  21. Darth_Raichu

    Musical Picks

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  22. Ecto

    Recommended YouTube LEGO channels, blogs, websites, etc

    I post my tiktok & instagram content as shorts on youtube:      Hoping to start covering the bankers box full of polybags I've procured recently.   
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  23. keymomachine

    Lego jacking up prices this year

    It's called Family House for a reason!
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  24. Pseudoty

    10308 - Holiday Main Street

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  25. $20 on joe vs dan

    Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2021

    Looks like w/ every new sets release, there is a hype bump for older (past) BL sets.  I would have thought all the new sets would "water down" interest but seems to have opposite effect.
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