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  1. KvHulk

    75294 - Bespin Duel

    Yup. That worked...
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  2. benjamin4172

    Ideas #026: 21318 - Treehouse

    I know..I just tried to joke along...guess I failed
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  3. exciter1

    71028 - Minifigures - Harry Potter Series 2

    Well, I ordered one complete set from them, so I was glad I was just guaranteed the one set.
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  4. MusiKyle

    My order status

    Ordered a backorder Bespin City from LEGO Shop at Home and I got an out of stock email notice.  Not a cancellation but stating it will be a little longer before they can ship the out of stock items.  Maybe I should cancel my eBay listing, I was hoping to keep at least one in my stash.
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  5. MusiKyle

    75318 - The Child

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  6. donbee

    75290 - MBS: Mos Eisley Cantina

    Really? Define exact? Do you mean just the mold? Yes. I prefer 75052 75290 seems more... cartoonish. Hi
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  7. Bricklectic

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    TAJ Mahal back in stock on Amazon MSRP https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Creator-Building-Architecture-Perfect/dp/B0784P9LQV/ Campervan as well https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Creator-Expert-Volkswagen-Construction/dp/B014QRO0W6/
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  8. $20 on joe vs dan

    Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    "Amazon has systems in place to detect suspicious behavior by sellers or employees, and teams in place to investigate and stop prohibited activity," the company said The scheme started no later than July 2017 and continued until September 2020, the indictment said. Good job Amazon, only took 3 years to detect and catch...wonder how much kick-back the "investigators" got. This type of illegal activity should be no surprise in pretty much any business that generates millions...whenever a
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  9. Phil B

    NY Sales Tax

    I don't have an LLC either. I _do_ have a Sales Tax Exemption (I'm in OH) but I can only use this at Amazon currently, which is a very small part of my purchases over the last years. Of course, not paying sales tax is preferable, but you do get some relief on the sales tax you paid, because in your tax submissions you will likely claim the entire amount you paid for sets (including sales tax), which takes your profit down a bit, meaning you pay slightly less tax over your profits compared to the
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  10. Mark Twain

    SAH October 2020 Calendar

    Nothing all that exciting. https://toysnbricks.com/october-2020-lego-shop-brand-retail-store-calendar-offers-promotions-and-sales/ October 15-25: Free Exclusive LEGO Mindstorms 40413 Mini Robots (5 models in total) with purchases over $100 October 15-25: Free LEGO 30549 Build your Own Vehicles Set with purchases over $40 – Available In-Stores only October 12-November 1 (Monthly LEGO VIP Sweepstake): 2017 The LEGO Batman Movie The Batmobile set 70905 signed by Will Arnett –
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  11. spener90

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    Working on the Land Rover currently, and I made a mistake in it that I think was resolved pretty quickly (flipped a particular insert and proceeded to build around it). Making a mistake in a Lego set is no biggie really, making a mistake in Technic almost feels catastrophic.
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  12. TheOrcKing

    Minifigure Photos

    Lego Maxifig - The Joker by Pasq67
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  13. TheOrcKing

    Neo Space

    Space Turtles by The Brick Artisan
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  14. TheOrcKing

    Minifigure Dioramas

    Beach Assault by Mitah Val Karem
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  15. TheOrcKing

    Mech MOCs

    Tesla Model A-6000 by Goth Bricks 2000
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  16. TheOrcKing

    MOC Highlights

    Maloko the Curse Bearer by Djokson
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  17. TheOrcKing

    Modular houses - building tips & inspirations

    The Grand Billund Hotel by Will
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  18. CNet | New York Times | USA Today | Reuters So it took about twenty five years but Bill Gates finally owns Doom.
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  19. Achilles

    What Lego set did you buy today?

    Local LEGO Store had 20th Anniv Slave I for 20% off, as well as Mandalorian Battle Packs. With Creator Cat gift with purchase.  
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  20. ichiroll

    ***Selling LARGE Lot - Chicagoland Area***

    I would just do a search and request to join some of the higher member and post count groups. I personally am in Lego only Sale in USA, Lego Trading, Selling, and Buying USA, and a few others. Hopefully you get a hit and find someone local and can work that way. Because everyone is pretty much versed in buying and selling, you won't get maximum dollar for it, but you'll probably be able to move it all in one shot as long as it's priced right. Goodluck! (and sorry to hear abou
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  21. Emvisawthatswho

    Retiring Soon - open speculation

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  22. Jivepicnic

    5006290 - Yoda's Lightsaber

    I thought that would be the case too, but my Yoda Lightsaber box was perfect and the Cantina box had a bunch of creases and dents. Outer shipping box looked good too.
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  23. Guest Porvida


    Last time they made these in 2011, they were limited and worth 5-6x the regular non foil cards
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  24. benjamin4172

    LEGO Set Reissues - open speculation

    Man...I thought they would release just the Head...in really Big!
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  25. moccus

    [EU Area] Good bargains, where?

    Ok. This is clear and it's my point. To make money, I would rather improve in all possible ways my buying options, not selling skills. Without being sarcastic, of course. Anyway, thank you for your reply.
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