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  1. No box included is the way to go.  If I’m in a good mood I’ll send the box “extra”. Of course someone still messaged me asking why isn’t there a box 🤦🏽‍♂️
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  2. joesnow2005

    What did you do today?

    Didn't know there are different types of jump ropes. The one I bought feels ok to me. I'll start with it. I need to lose at least 20 lbs. Let's see what happens...
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  3. Alpinemaps

    Complaint Thread

    I can still recite the Preamble of the Constitution because of Schoolhouse Rocks! Sums this whole thing up beautifully.
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  4. TheBrickClique

    My order status

    I've been getting quite a few of my walmart orders direct from LEGO lately.  Mostly larger sets.  Whereas most of the smaller orders come from their stores.  I guess they figure it makes economic sense to dropship instead of managing warehouse inventory for online-only shipments. The Walmarts that ship to me are terrible.  They package the sets fine enough, but sometimes they leave the square white and orange picker label on the boxes.  At least they are easy to remove if you take your time
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  5. Phil B

    Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    How do I go about fixing listings? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VT7QZQ4 is totally messed up - someone updated the title and the description to reflect 40271. I'm not going to send in inventory until it is fixed ....
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  6. starwarsxpress

    The Book of Boba Fett - Disney+ *Could Contain Spoilers*

    yes this exactly.  its a slow draw 5 episode arc of Boba Fett mcu style of building an avengers team and showing how it comes together.  Boba, Fennec, Gamorrean's, Wookie, Rancor, Mando and so forth.  Then in episode 7 I am assuming as a guess Boba will be riding the rancor and his team will destroy the pyke's on Tatooine.  Who knows we could have Han or Luke and even more show up to join the team in Episode 6 or 7.  From that episode 7 it will create a launch point for all of the other forthcom
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  7. zaphoid

    Parts Bags - Are they worth anything?

    When I deconstruct a set, I do it in reverse and put the pieces into numbered zip lock bags.
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  8. TheOrcKing

    Musical Picks

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  9. Lordoflego

    LEGO VIP Rewards/GWP Discussion

    Not me. I got all the coins before and now all show as redeemed already. 
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  10. roxio

    What Lego set did you NOT buy today?

    and the battlepack 75267
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  11. keymomachine

    Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2021

    I like the Observatory and Chalet. Exploratorium is a bit too steampunk for me.
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  12. BricksBrotha

    Belchertown, MA

    Hello and good day✌️ Are there any BP'er's close by Belchertown and would be willing to pick up a small used bulk(figs) and drop in the mail for me?   Found an older person with some figs Im interested in that doesnt use paypal/venmo/cash app/etc, distrusts any postal service and is looking for local pickup only.  I can make it worth your time and effort.  Feel free to pm me if youd prefer not to respond to the thread.  Thank you for your consideration.
  13. Captain_chaos

    What Lego set did you buy today?

    Just received 75290 Cantina this afternoon. Paid 208.40, so about 1/3 off RRP. Box is a bit damaged, and opened on one side, but the contents are all present, sealed, and undamaged. I'm pleased with this as I doubt it will be available for that price at general retail (this was from Stockmustgo - a liquidator of damaged sets).
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  14. Alpinemaps

    MOC Highlights

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  15. Gonkalin

    Please help before I go insane! UCS AT-AT question!

    I made the exact same mistake on my build. The underbelly still fits and sort of stays in place but it’s loose. I too had the Studs facing wrong way. Flipped the studs and problem fixed. 
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  16. airhanny

    Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Champions-Building-Featuring-Minifigure/dp/B07WMJL9W5 $16, Limit 3
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  17. FM

    Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency

    Dextools shows market cap at $144m, but most other sites are showing 0 or N/A, assuming because its been so small a lot of the sites haven't picked up on it yet.  Price spike is due to news of the first use case about to be launched which is a LP farm/lending app in one. I new to doing anything with crypto other than buying and holding, so I appreciate the insight and the what-to-look-out-for's!
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  18. CosmicSpeed

    What LEGO set did you build today?

    Finished this the other day. Had to document before it gets torn apart. It had it's challenges but overall just took around 7 days just periodically assembling and with a work trip in between. The Minifigure head one is probably much harder if the size is the same. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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  19. lazuli16

    Why so serious? Have a laugh!

    He is the ying to Ted Nugent's yang. 
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  20. MrSam

    Anyone else got a website?

    Yeah you're right that integration is key if you're multi-platform. Although we're now doing 90%+ of our volume through our own site now, it does hook in to Facebook and our NZ auction site (much better than ebay thankfully). Thank goodneess I'm passed the days of using excel for inventory, that got pretty dodgy after a while! There are good integrations for shopify/ebay, but I didn't look into them since that's not my market.  There's also the requirement of having a critical mass / r
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  21. TheOrcKing

    Favorite Brickfilms

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  22. Phil B

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Discussion

    Not too fast: ... https://www.forbes.com/sites/zacharysmith/2022/01/18/error-leaves-some-people-unable-to-order-covid-tests-from-white-houses-new-website/
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  23. Belac

    Retiring Soon - open speculation

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  24. eliminator

    10297 - Boutique Hotel

    TOOS....nice, just in time for the 28 Jan Taxi GWP.
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  25. tz6p06

    Star Wars 4502 Original Trilogy X-Wing

    The location is 30 minutes north of Detroit
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