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  2. Check you local Sam's Clubs. My daughter just called and asked if I wanted these. She performed an excellent arm sweep and came away with nine of them. I trained her well.
  3. If you are posting here, the chances are they’ve all been claimed already!
  4. Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City I haven’t watched a single episode of the show so I don’t get any of the references but there are so many hidden inside of the build I am sure a fan will really enjoy this set. But there is my first of many issues with this set, the hidden build. I plan to hang this on the wall at work and so much of the amazing micro build is hidden away in layers never to be seen again. Next up would be stickers there are around 70 of them on 2 sheets and I had to order replacements because they were faint and off center. I had to make another order when I got to bag 30 of 44 for the 1 missing piece that I did not have an extra of and was not pulling from my MBS Cantina since it was not critical to the build. The piece count is ridiculously inflated as evidence by 163 extra parts. There were so many places where 1x1 plates and tiles were used multiple times when 1X2 would have worked. It does make the build more engaging but the price. I pre-sold the 4 minifigures, now only Catwoman is exclusive, and the stand for $160 to help offset the price of the set which is just too high. Maybe when this set goes on sale for 30% off or more I could recommend it but the usual 20% off just won’t cut it. They could have ditched the minifigures that don’t even display with the set and lowered the piece count and made the set $200 which is where it should be priced, or at least given us more printed elements, there is only ONE unique to this set a printed red Batman 2x2 tile that you don’t even see. Now for the good! I love these 3D art sets and this one does not disappoint the build is fantastic and the display is so intriguing I just wish there was an easy way to show some of the amazing details inside of the buildings hidden behind the facades. If you can pick this set up for $200 it is worth it Build: 8 Play: 2 Display: 8 Value: 4
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  6. Now if they would only update the page to show which have already been redeemed that would be great.
  7. I snagged a great price on the Bugatti new sealed or so I thought: “I just went to wrap and mail the car and did not know my husband had opened the box and he and my grandson were going to build it and then realized it was too complicated to do with our 6 year old grandson. None of the bags have been opened and it is complete and I retyped the box. I sincerely apologize and he did not know I had the car listed. If you would like a refund I can do that or if you still want it I will take off $20 for you. Please accept my apology and just let me know. Thank you.”
  8. Never. If a buyer wants the fresh build experience then they need to buy new. When I sell a used set I take several pictures of it built and then disassemble as easy as possible for me. I sell used sets as is. I have a full time job and reselling is just to pay for my addiction.
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  10. As a vintage set collector I go through a ton of used sets. Bricklink inventories are my go to standard for running through a used sets. I first break the set down then run through the inventory lining the bricks up in front of me line by line. If I can't find a piece I move on. Then when the pile of pieces is more manageable I go through again to double verify the inventory and if pieces are truly missing, I go pull them from my loose pieces. Any piece I don't have on hand, I write those down on a 3x5 note card that goes in the bag with the pieces. The front of the card has set name, number, year and theme.
  11. I've been buying and selling used sets for a few years now. Used sets generally track it's New counterpart. For example for modulars, there is a strong correlation like Brick Bank used goes for $400-$450 whereas new Is $700-$800. Licensed or theme sets maintain value well like exciter1 stated. The original manual and box adds value (especially when trying to sell); it makes the set seem more legit. No used set is ever 100% complete... When taking it apart to resell, consider going in reverse booklet order and pack the pieces in numbered bags like the original. Not only is a great way to check for missing pieces, but also builds loyalty with buyers...if you did a great job they will come back and purchase from you over others. MFs are always the most important and i always check them first after purchasing a used set. dealing in the used market has pro and cons, some key pros are more room for negotiation and lax overall.
  12. I don't think so, it's a fairly new release.
  13. I haven't been keeping up with this set. Has this ever been available at a cheaper price? I don't see it getting lower on Keepa.
  14. Most themed sets still retain good value. I've sold many for profit after being displayed or played with for years. The biggest thing is inventorying the minifigures and parts before sale.
  15. Good morning everyone, new to the forum here, and relatively new to the LEGO game, approx 2 years. Have a bunch of sets that are built and a bunch unbuilt. After doing some research I see that even some built sets, if you have the box, and instructions can still be worth some money. I’m just trying to get an idea if these built sets truly do retain some value, or am I just building and displaying for fun? thanks in advanced!
  16. I am a sucker for these small play sets that display well and as many others I wanted to expand the length of the hallway by adding on from a second set. However, I think simply reversing set two creates a mismatched look. The Tantive IV boarding scenes from ANH and Rogue One's similar scene are iconic to the SW's story. Audiences were introduced to Vader, the Empire, the Rebellion technology, star ships, and more all within minutes. You were hooked. Now we can finally have a small piece of this for the book case, the play area, the work place's cubical, wherever. Finally, Lego has delivered. Price-wise, the set is phenomenal. Six figures plus the ARC Trooper CT-5555 Fives at $55. Look at the new SSD, $160! same figure count. Sure it's more than figures, its piece counts, play features, etc... Tantive IV's hallway has an opening door with fire, 4x play features to knock over troopers from both side. The hallway panels are full of gribble and only a few stickers. My build: I built the first set per the instructions. My desire was to mirror it with the side entrance being the center so I had to mentally figure out how to move Vader's door to the other end, add in the short wall panel, and the longer wall panel so it mated to the side of the side door entrance. I also wanted to create a platform in that side door's opening for a trooper or two or as someone on the internet had done Leia and R2. I wanted to clean up the exposed grey studded top (not complete yet but I have a plan requiring external purchases). I wanted to replicate some of the play features since the second set should provide all the parts necessary and I wanted the non-Vader's side of the hallway door to open so I could have trooper's reinforcing, whatever, I had the pieces. This was my first attempt at straying from instructions in 40 years or so and it took a lot of trial and error. I tried building the plans in reverse. i tried to study the underside of the completed set. Limited to only set #2's pieces and a few extras from set #1 challenged me in a welcome way. Eventually, I counted studs, figured out where compromises could be made and wound up with this. IMG_0113.HEIC IMG_0115.HEIC IMG_0114.HEIC and had these parts left over. IMG_0117.HEIC I intend to clean up the back by replacing that dark grey 2x 6 panel with a light grey 1x 6. I also plan to buy several white flat panels for the top.
  17. I will send you a PM. I am going to get the 3X SW set to do Darth Vader next. I moved it in my office where it is darker and it actually looks so much better especially from afar. Will upload a pic tomorrow.
  18. Mars Toys perfect came presorted with no missing pieces and plenty of extras with the 3X set that I can enter online to see what else I can make. $75 and sore thumb.
  19. Yeah, Lego makes waaaaaaay too many play castles. No appreciation and slow movers
  20. Actually, if you keep your eye on it, this set occasionally dips down to the $17.xx-$18.xx range quite often, using coupons. I have a ton of them. And yes, they will be parted out.
  21. LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle 43205 is oos
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