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  2. Nothing is free. You have to spend valuable time to click and odds of winning is almost zero.
  3. Great looking set, early purchase for sure since it's not $500 Yay LEGO!
  4. It would be nice to have a Mario and Princess Peach in the same scale.
  5. Super rad: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/piranha-plant-71426
  6. There are some great sets from a creative standpoint and my son is interested in a few. I think it's great that they're reintroducing sets that Lego used to be. Creative play, instead of detailed models (with bricks). There should be room for both kinds of sets, just not necessarily in a portfolio. Yay LEGO!
  7. I have fond memories of many themes being called turds. What's funny is they were right exactly 50% of the time.
  8. The theme was 25% off at a local chain and some of the bigger sets were sold out. Not saying it's a great investment but kids seem to really enjoy it. The netflix series is sure to help.
  9. Oh, I like this. Also, nice outhouse. Hopefully this one is not already prefilled like the porta-potty in last year's Train Station.
  10. Does anyone have any information about what is going on with the "negative" values in the receipts column of the inventory ledger report. This is hitting me hard recently and I know I am not the only one. It is just too insane for me to accept and I honestly don't know what to do. I estimate I'm now over $5,000 lost due to these negatives in the receipts column. I know this is probably small to many but for me its a lot to have go missing right before holidays. This is a seller support thread I have been following trying to get some answers but as with each of these threads the amazon reps say a few things then ghost everyone. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/06f6cc9e-877e-4048-9748-ad683a02a57b
  11. Last week
  12. https://www.pennlive.com/shopping/2023/09/walmart-will-hold-holiday-kickoff-sale-to-coincide-with-amazon-prime-day-in-october.html
  13. Plz dont let him watch brickbucks channel again lol
  14. Yes you will get a full refund, We open a case for everyone one, Take a photo of the shipping label the item was returned in, The packing slip, The LPN sticker then the box and the contents, state the customer "Stole" the bags also use the report a violation and report buyer for theft. first you need to type that LPN into FBA customer returns to get the order number, Click the top left ladder and select, Reports, fullfillment, on the left look for Customer Concessions,fba customer returns, on that page you can enter the LPN, put date range like 90 days out report the customer here, https://sellercentral.amazon.com/abuse-submission/form/buyer-abuse-refund
  15. This is my next up build allegedly. You can swap out the 1x4 black jumper tiles and sell the minifigure since it really doesn't fit the scale of the set if that works for you.
  16. Finished this last night. This is a 10/10 build for me. Absolutely no repetition, great building techniques, and looks outstanding in person. The buildings were the best part to build. Each had its own unique build style. Hats off to the designer for this one. A homerun. Sorry for the bad picture, just snapped a quick one as I came in the office.
  17. I don't know about that. My 5 year old absolutely loves this theme and wants all the sets more than any other theme.
  18. If these are anything like Elves well I'm ________________________________!
  19. I am not too proud to admit I really like the Pegasus set, and actually am planning on snagging one for display. I think it looks sharp.
  20. I always open a case when a buyer has ripped me off. If nothing else, I hope it leaves a paper trail on certain accounts.
  21. Unlikely you will get anything but what do you have to lose by opening a case? If you get rejected rate the experience and let it rip ( passive /aggressive ) and also don’t forget to report the buyer
  22. Got an imperial light cruiser return fba with missing manual and couple of bags. For the veterans, is this worth fighting? Does amazon typically side with seller if they claim pieces were missing in return? ITs a he said/he said scenario....
  23. This is what shocks me the most...especially with the increases all around. 1500 pcs for $100 seems like a steal these days...
  24. Never can have enough toilets though. Lego seems to be on a poop fetish this past year with Lion nights Castle and Ninjango Markets both having poop featured as a play feature, and other sets having TP functionality like A-Frame Cabin. Not sure if there are more sets as well but I would think City and Friends perhaps. This has to be good for your TP side hustle I think the real story for this set is the price being maintained at $99 and the PPP.
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