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  2. 40480 Ginger Tabby and Kitten Brickheadz
  3. Those are 20% off at my local Lego store.
  4. No way I would go through that effort. Let Timmy's grandma pay for it and just raise your prices by .30 cents/unit.
  5. Yes. It makes no sense to pay them now. Its actually costs maybe $50 to print thousands of labels. and its not too bad to sticker as they come in. Not a big deal from the get go. But For someone like me that already packed up 1000's of units in boxes that I anticipated being just quick send to amazon but now i need to unbox and sticker, its a super massive pain.
  6. Jeez...I was expecting an increase, but not one that big. Oh well, cost of doing business with Amazon, but that fee is getting close to the point where it will definitely make sense to hire someone to do the stickering if you're operating at any level of scale.
  7. Thank you Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  8. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-93395/BrickAtive/medieval-smithy/#details
  9. Where can I get the instructions for this? Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  10. the whole series should be re-titled: Boba Fett While in the Bactic Tank considering how iconic Boba Fett in Armor is...this series has way too many scenes in his underwear
  11. I know I would have preferred linear storytelling. I have no problem if they started “5 years ago” or if they would have just started at the Sarlacc pit.
  12. 8 episodes just isn't enough to do the plot scope justice and fill in all the back story should have carried over the Mando model; and make each episode its own adventure IDK..all the flashbacks are getting a bit tedious. Would have been better to just show the entire series backwards like in Momento
  13. Looks like they're floating around $200 on Ebay. I'm hanging on to mine.
  14. 75060 too? Though I only have 1 and probably won't part with it anyway 🙂
  15. It was a much better episode. Though the whole scene where boba was practically pleading with the tatooine crime families to band together was... odd. "Let's band together!" "Uh, no." "Ulm, ok! Then don't interfere! Cool?." *Dead stare* "I guess"
  16. It is in stock again at the Lego web store
  17. When you've been around them for a while, change is needed. The Y84 you are referring to is the black special edition car but not a car you want to take a Martinique Blue one to clone. The blue is a one year only color and not something to change. A large number of people I have spoke to at the TA Nationals are not huge fans of the Y84 cars and I can only assume its because of the Bandit.
  18. We definitely will be taking pre-orders on this series late March or early May. Stay tuned!
  19. Bought a couple of curious things at Amazon. Lets see what I actually get on Monday
  20. That episode probably did wonders for 75243 (Anni Slave).
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