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  2. Agree with his point on the importance of Vit D up to a point. But vit D is just a factor to help increase your immunity. The more important aspect is modifying diets to increase overall health. This means exercise, good night sleep, and consuming less sugar and carbs overall.
  3. Assuming the insurance company does not go bankrupt due to that policy
  4. Wimbledon reportedly paid $2 million a year for pandemic insurance for the last 17 years (Total: $34 Million) For this year's cancellation as a result of the Coronavirus, Wimbledon will reportedly receive $141 million from the policy.
  5. It is now the belief of many that the virus was indeed here back in November. If that's the case, all the models may be wrong and we are peaking weeks before originally predicted.
  6. Actually I posted a link days ago with a link to a theory about CV that falls in line with this. That it's actually been around in humans for a long time but we just weren't testing for it and passing it off as flu or cold and it finally mutated into a strong enough strain that it got attention. That's based off the fact that it doesn't look like it came from a lab and numerous scientists have said that for it to have jumped straight from bats and Pangolins to humans in the current form would be nearly impossible and it doesn't match up.
  7. Aww, looks like Toycentric is off Amazon again. I wonder if he sold hand sanitizer and respirators or was it all the negative feedback finally catching up to him?
  8. First thing first, Amzn need to open back their warehouses to receive our FBA craps LEGO/toys. Otherwise, I am out
  9. There are a few benefits to using Amazon in this situation. Sometimes the math works better, sometimes it doesn't.
  10. https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Study-investigates-if-COVID-19-came-to-Calif-in-15187085.php So there's suspicion CV hit SF Bay Area fall of 2019. As of Tuesday, the state had 374 reported COVID-19 fatalities in a state of 40 million people, compared to New York which has seen 14 times as many fatalities and has a population half that of California. Social distancing could be playing a role but New York's stay-at-order went into effect on March 22, three days after California implemented its order. "Something is going on that we haven't quite found out yet," said Victor Davis Hanson a senior fellow with Stanford's Hoover Institute.Hanson said he thinks it is possible COVID-19 has been spreading among Californians since the fall when doctors reported an early flu season in the state. During that same time, California was welcoming as many as 8,000 Chinese nationals daily into our airports. Some of those visitors even arriving on direct flights from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China. "When you add it all up it would be naïve to think that California did not have some exposure," said Hanson. For years California has been the No. 1 travel destination for Chinese tourists in the United States. Even after the U.S. halted flights from China this winter Chinese travelers were still able to come to California on flights from Europe and Canada. Hanson said through all of this the Chinese have been disingenuous about the timing of the initial outbreak of COVID-19. "They originally said it was in early January, then it got backdated to December and then early December and now they are saying as early as November 17," said Hanson. If Californians were exposed earlier than the rest of the country to COVID-19 we may have had a chance to build up some herd immunity to the disease. We won't know if that is the case until results from the Stanford Medicine study come back. Anectdotally; a really weird flu bug hit our school all at once this past January...about a 3rd of the school were sick within a single week...and within our social circle similar flu-like sickness from pretty much every household within a 2-week span in Jan...2 households I know had to take sick family members to ER and were immediately given Tami-flu anti-virus.
  11. Wow! Dr John Campbell drops a huge bomb on the WHO. This guy has no agenda and constantly puts humanity first (no politics). In fact, he seems to be the only one worrying about Africa. My link takes you to the WHO quote. 30 second clip.
  12. Getter One by Marco De Bon
  13. Today
  14. what are folks thoughts on Amazon moving back "Prime Day" till the fall I know that's typically the first major sale event on the calendar. Wondering how being so close to black friday will affect things and also reselling strategy
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  16. aren't most of these sets typically on 20% off perma-sale anyway? we'd only be paying higher taxes and lose current cash reserves.
  17. No one's mind has ever been changed on politics from an internet forum so let's give it a rest. Let's agree to disagree on the topic of Trump who is very polarizing. Similarly for the jingo-ism sentiment...(OK, you've all done it now...I haven't had to actually use that term since High School Social Science over 30 years ago) I wholly enjoy discussing CV developments from across the nation and across the pond, in this forum and would like to continue doing so.
  18. That's definitely been a popular angle with some on conspiracy forums. Of course, just like everywhere else, if you only mention the facts you want to, you can get a POV that fits your narrative (e.g., as you said, if you leave out the length of time to get mortality numbers, and only look at the quick hit stuff, it looks weird, but really probably isn't if it runs its normal course). Of course, that can be all over the board. 25 years ago, there were 100 different media outlets, and quality of reporting is what put an outlet ahead. Now, with only 6-8 media conglomerates, it's a lot easier for the voices to be very similar. And when it's advertising dollars, and not quality reporting, that is driving the train, then the perceived collision of media can feel a lot more real. Of course, if you believe that there is no real difference in political parties, a rich-elite ruling class, deep state, etc., then the President and media working toward someone else's common goal could be a thing. *Disclamer: I like to read a lot of different POVs, even stuff that isn't necessarily mainstream. But believing everything I read on the Internet - not so much.
  19. Predjama Castle, Slovenia by -soccerkid6
  20. Looks like Amazon has the same sets as Target but its $10 off $50 https://www.amazon.com/gp/promotion/A1LYYNMP2T3T51?ref_=sopp_psp_A1LYYNMP2T3T51#
  21. David Bowie by vakaisme
  22. SP1 MOC - Heavy Pursuer (box front & back) by Mc BAIN
  23. Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl by Patrick B.
  24. Schindler's List by Patrick B.
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