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  2. It happened to me a week ago. An order came in at 11:00 am, and it was due the same day. I even opened a case with support. Of course, nothing came out of it. I tried reopening the case, but no luck.
  3. Have you guys ever finished all your FBM shipments for the day and then have more pop up later? I completed all my shipments at 4:30 and went and dropped them off at UPS. Couple hours later I checked my dashboard and there were two more orders due to ship today. It was obviously past the cutoff point so what gives?
  4. Same here. Mine is more like $3,500/year because I also have my inventory insured at replacement/fair market value.
  5. Think I'm paying about $2k a year but I have a physical warehouse. Probably different if you are working out of home and just pleasing Amazon.
  6. My next is like 25-28 a month. I have had it a few years. Maybe that matters as to when you got it or what you sell?
  7. Yesterday
  8. its not about the size of your rocket, its about how you use it. As long as you achieve blast off and avoid failure to launch its all good...
  9. I just got quoted by NEXT at $43 a month so maybe?
  10. I'm paying $63 per month via NEXT insurance. Am I doing it wrong?
  11. Snagged a Diagon Alley 75978 for $200 on craigslist. Lady started building it with her daughter and they lost interest. Bags 8-20 are still sealed. They misplaced the Hermione and Ron minifigures, but thankfully she still had the bonus box light blue outfit Harry Potter, Hagrid, and printed plaque (stand missing).
  12. Micro Rocket, @ravenb99 nickname in college, were 34R3 from store and 25R3 from online. So they made at least 20K a while ago. The Brick Dude “Abides” sure has no issues with getting plenty of them over 70 and counting is impressive.
  13. A year or a month? Hoping a year.
  14. It was like $300 (approx.) through a vendor offered by amazon when this requirement was put up a couple of years ago.
  15. So I got the email from Amazon saying I have to buy commercial liability insurance😐 Who are you guys going through and how much am I going to be looking at? I've already reached out to my regular insurer but haven't heard back yet.
  16. Just picked this set up, excited to add to the collection
  17. What I pasted was the text I saw in my order listing before I clicked on "Place Order". It wasn't showing in the totals, just as a box on top of the list of items that were in my order.
  18. I saw that under "See terms". Under "How to claim" it says this. Is that old terms they haven't updated? Or maybe the deal gets applied but if it doesn't specifically say it upon checkout then does that mean you aren't eligible?
  19. This isn't a direct discount, so you won't see it in your total upon checkout.
  20. Amazon spend at least $50 on select Lego, get $10 promotional credit is back...***If eligible*** https://www.amazon.com/promotion/psp/A1O36KVC2J1Y4K?ref=psp_pc_cart_collapse&redirectAsin=B01KJEOCDW&redirectMerchantId=ATVPDKIKX0DER I couldn't get the credit and I'm thinking it's because I already used the offer once last year.
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