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  2. I got my Zavvi orders yesterday. Ordered them on the 26th (nicely packaged and no issues.) IWOOT got a bit delayed but got shipped yesterday (ordered on the 30th.)
  3. ZAVVI didn't shipped none of my orders (4x) since Nov 23rd (looks like post for my order status) whats going on?
  4. She's shipped a few weeks ago and on the way, were sending pics of some customers orders coming off the assembly line after being built. 1.5 years later might get it before Xmas
  5. 60266?? not a exclusive at all, normal 1.5 year run as well. Was just in stock as of 11/29 as well. Been going in and out at Amz last month or two. It is a great set, was better last year when they were 280 but hey who cares...
  6. Been gone all day so just seeing this. Still available at a quantity of "10"? Wow, that says something I think.
  7. Sounds like a perfectly calculated drop off. Fee's start occurring now during peak prices
  8. double points supposedly cancelled from lack of overall stock
  9. It seems to have given the folks in FTW5 time today to finally receive my freight shipment that has been sitting around for 3 weeks.
  10. If you want to add some of the more off-brand stores, here's my experience with a few of those: Blain's Fleet and Farm (or Farm and Fleet or Farm Fleet or Fleet Farm) - I never had any trouble with this site. They didn't always have great deals or tons of stock, but I never had any orders cancelled or accounts banned. Mills Fleet and Farm (or Farm and Fleet or Farm Fleet or Fleet Farm) - I got banned by this store a few years ago. They also have a different way of discouraging resellers...if you purchase a large quantity of LEGO, they tack on a gigantic freight shipping charge that kills the deal. This was a great site 4-5 years ago, but I haven't bought anything from them in at least several years. Theisens - I never had any trouble with this site either. They started putting in some quantity limits a year or two ago, but they will ship everything you buy (at least in my experience). Belks - I'm not sure if they had any deals this year, but I never had any trouble buying from them in the past.
  11. I don't understand the mechanic of jumping Mario around, but I'm not the target audience for that. I've been collecting the figures for display and adding the parts from the sets to my inventory. I'm not sold on all of the random expansions being good for resale unless getting picked up for 50% off, but some of the others seem to do well enough. King Boo, for example, was routinely going for $100-110 on Ebay before that Target restock and pricing at $35. Bowser is iconic and the set will have that "2021 TOTY" tag on it going forward, although I don't know how much that counts for in the eyes of regular consumers.
  12. You clearly have a type of restraint that I've never been burdened with. Every year that I bought from Kohls, I ended up getting at least 3-4 accounts banned, but, when there was a good sale on, I would generally just keep placing orders until they banned me. Kohls will definitely cancel orders if you push limits and will ban your account if you push things when they're doing a Kohls cash promo. However, in my experience, Kohls doesn't do across the board bans like other stores where any new account that tries to use the same credit card or shipping address as a banned account gets automatically banned as well...so, if you get banned, just open a new account. I haven't bought anything from Kohls this year so don't know if things have changed.
  13. Not sure about Lego, but the games have been consistently in the top sales charts over the years for Nintendo. Hence there’s a baked in fan base that are older and will continue to get older along with kids coming into the mix with the newer games. Personally I’m not a fan and haven’t picked any up for myself. But that’s just me.
  14. I am really not sold on Mario sets...other than anecdotal observations and ofcourse LEGO full press on this series...are these things really that popular?
  15. While I’m sure seller central will come back online at some point, can you imagine what it’s like in the warehouses right now since their fulfillment software went down as well? I can’t imagine how they’re going to be able to manage to make up this amount of lost time during peak holiday buying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Ditto...this should be interesting....rest up tonight, gonna be busy tomorrow!
  17. It should be fine . It will resolve itself once this mess clears. I just gave up on doing anything at this point
  18. Interesting. I was able to print one label this morning and now I just got back and it says it was never shipped.
  19. dropped off what I managed to print labels for today and both USPS office and UPS stores said things were oddly slow today.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Marvel Compound Battle Called. Sales rank of 5000, retired 1 year, still for sale on Amazon. A-wing 75248. Sales rank sub 1000, retired 1 year, still available. Bowser could be next...
  22. I only see FBA orders, not a single FBM since I posted about the issue before noon , tomorrow's packing will be rough
  23. Ebay: I've sold a few of the Ideas' 21306 Beatles sets the past week. Between $160-$170 + shipping. Buy in was @ $39 I think.
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