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    Finally get to be 'that guy' to post a great find! (from Facebook Marketplace last night). 20+ Star Wars sets including UCS Imperial Star Destroyer 10030, Rebel Blockade Runner 10019, Death Star II 10143, At-At 4483, Republic Gunship 7163, Sandcrawler 10144, Jango Fett's Slave 7153, Clone Turbo Tank 7261, and several other cool sets. All Mini-figures and instructions included, but no boxes. Paid $300. Last year I bought zero Lego sets of off FB and in 2020 I already have this and a UCS Falcon under my belt. Ha!
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    You know your local Lego store loves you when you go in to buy something and they say " Hey....we are recycling these but you can have them if you want " and they give you 6 cases of the Hidden Side juice bar promos. I did end up buying the new Chinese themed sets.
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    This past Sunday my son and I went up to New Jersey to meet Ed Mack and to pick up the Kingdoms castle display case you he had for sale. It was well worth the three-hour drive to meet one of the founders of the BrickPicker community and to spend time with a fellow Lego fan/enthusiast. He showed me his collection and we share a passion for many of the same themes (Star War, Space, and Castle). I am still in awe! It was so nice to meet Ed, who along with his brother Jeff has done so much for Lego community and through the raffle for his beloved St. Paul School. As part of the deal for the display case, I am donating to the BrickPicker Lego raffle. I am glad I can support his cause. With Ed’s permission, I am posting a picture of us. He is the more handsome one!
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    Sneak preview of upcoming Scooby/Hoth crossover
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    I watched it with my two kids age 4 and 6. They loved the builds, but kept asking "Why is that man wearing a dress" and "why does he have a bow in his hair." Frankly, I'm not ready for these kind of conversations...
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    sold my last Minecraft The Wither 21126 for $199.99 fba. buyin was $19. only 2 sellers left on the listing .
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    I ordered 2, LEGO series 20 mini figures off of amazon. Only one showed up, and it came packaged up in a hot dog bag ??‍♂️ Currently working with customer service to resolve the missing item.
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    Yes what Ed said is right. I am working on it and I am taking the time to address the issues it's been having as well. I will get the Brickfolio back to everyone as soon as I can, but as I just said, i am taking the time to FIX it as well.
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    Picked up two new foster kittens from my local spca this morning. They are pretty shy. Will try to get them socialized and ready for forever homes. Been doing this 10 years now, it's very rewarding. If you ever thought about volunteering at a shelter I can't recommend it enough.
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    It all starts innocently enough...flash forward a year and you're driving across the country with a rented trailer full of 2015 Bionicle sets wondering, "What am I doing right now?"
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    Palace Cinema. I’ve had a used one sitting here for 5 years that I’ve always wanted to build and just didn’t. So I finally cracked it open. I remember why I don’t like big sets - so many pieces to rifle through. But I really enjoy the look of this set and it will go on permanent display. I also mounted it on a MILS plate, since that’s the direction I’m heading for permanent display.
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    From a former Lego employee 700 for both ..
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    I found a decent '80s lot on Facebook yesterday. The seller only had the 6542 Seaport, 6395 Raceway, & 6394 Metro Park listed for $290. I talked her down to $225. Then she mentions that she has more not listed. She sends me some pictures and says $350 for everything. I counter with $300 and she accepted. The Slave 1 pictured wasn't included. I just didn't feel like moving it before taking pictures. Other than some dust, everything is in excellent condition and appears to be mostly complete. The sets with boxes are all still assembled inside their box. Inside the two storage containers are parts for what appears to be some classic space and town buildings. This should keep me busy for the rest of the winter.
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    I picked up a bulk lot of Harry Potter sets - including 10217 - so this was my Sunday build. I love this set, always a pleasure to build. This one is in very nice condition too.
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    https://www.promobricks.de/lego-75317-brickheadz-mandalorian-yoda-baby/94910/ Official images have surfaced. Definitely an investment winner, although to me it looks like Baby Yoda was sitting on a toilet.
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    You don’t _need_ this back badly. Brickpicker provides a free service, at best you would like to have this back soon. You should have a backup of your information. As with anything free on the internet (and sadly also with the majority of non-free stuff) there is no expectation of continuity. The only way to make sure something stays is keeping it yourself. I am sure Jeff and Ed are doing their best to restore Brickfolio functionality as quickly as they can. In the meanwhile, be patient.
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    I bought a used, nearly complete with all boxes, instructions, and packaging UCS Falcon (75192) for $380. It's missing one of the Porgs, but other than that its good to go. I have been looking for one of these to build for less than $450 and finally got one! Woohoo!
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    Wife told me to place an order to get the triple promo yesterday. Said OK, will do! Read this thread and saw the Rat was OOS, so started sweating. Cursed. Then realized...oh...wait...didn't she wake me up in the middle of the night to place the order? Check LEGO.com...yep. I'm getting old. Placed the order in the middle of the night, took screenshots just in case and everything.
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    I think it was your Brickfolio that corrupted the files to be honest. I never heard of a LEGO set that was called "Beef Jerky" before.
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    Broke $400 on ebay https://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&item=143061934078&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2564
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    Went to our very first Monster Jam on Sunday. Surprisingly, we all had a blast. My 7yo son got to high five Tom Meents, driver of Max-D Fire. Right after, he said, "I'm never washing this hand!" It was too cute. My wife somehow fell in love with Bakugan's driver. And even my 12 yo tween daughter had fun too. She was hooting and hollering. All in all, a good day of family fun.
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    [email protected], I bought all the parts of a second Pirate Roller Coaster (he kept the tracks). Win-win for both of us - he wanted another set of tracks; I wanted everything but the tracks. So he cracked one open for the both of us. So thanks for a smooth and quick transaction. I’m looking forward to building out my pirate coaster some more. And I look forward to seeing what he does with that extra track.
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    As Jeff stated in another thread, there was a problem with the servers. He hired a new server company and is transferring all the information to faster and more reliable servers. All of the Brickfolio information is safe and the site will be back to normal in a few days. It takes time to transfer all of this information and Jeff has his real job to deal with as well. Sorry for the inconvenience...
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    The site is down for legitimate reasons for 2-3 days and all of a sudden a bunch of lurkers are making their first posts in a panic. It’s kind of entertaining. As Aaron Rodgers would say...relax!
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    I dont even play anymore... I block buyers like that and move on with my stress free life...
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    there is nothing worse than a set you just sold for $20 with free shipping weighing in at 17oz.
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    The best advice I can give is to go slow and make sure that you have outlets where you can realistically move everything that you buy before you buy it. It's very easy to buy way more inventory than you can easily sell and get overwhelmed. If you're operating on a smaller scale, the price you pay for each set you buy is critical...you want to get the largest discount you can to maximize the absolute value of the profit you make on each sale. This matters less as you scale up and start moving volume, but is pretty important when you're starting out.
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    The show is fun, it doesn't need to be (or try to be) anything more than that - stop being snobs.
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    None that I can recall. To be honest, many of these Ideas "losers" are way better than the sets designed by The LEGO Group's paid employees.
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    Hello BrickPickers and LEGO fans from around the world...Feels like yesterday I was putting the 2019 Brickpicker LEGO raffle together for my son Max's school, St. Paul School in Burlington, NJ. He is ten years old now and we started this way back when he was in kindergarten. The last four raffles... 2016 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE 2017 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE 2018 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE 2019 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE ...have been extremely successful and I am hoping for more generosity and kind souls to take part in this year's version. Over the past four years, we raised over $177,000.00 for the school which goes directly to the school and helps pay teacher salaries, utility bills, etc...Another year has passed and it’s time to raffle off some more dynamic LEGO gifts for charity. The money we raised the last three years literally kept the school open...which is a great thing. It's a special school that once again was voted BEST or ONE of the BEST Private Schools (5 years in a row) in Burlington County, NJ, by The Burlington County Times. Along with the whole school being voted either BEST or One of the Best, St. Paul School and its faculty also won numerous other awards, such as: Best or One of the Best Private Schools Best PreK-Nursery School Best or One of the Best Teacher(s) Best Fundraiser Best or One of the Best Music Instruction Best Tutor Service (Junior National Honor Society) Best SAT/ACT Preparation Service CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE 2020 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE FOR ST. PAUL SCHOOL! As I stated, the last three years, St. Paul School (SPS) and its community are special. My son loves the school, even though he won't admit it. Most days he actually runs into the school. People from all races and religions attend St. Paul School. Besides excelling in educating the children, the school does a tremendous amount of charity for local people in need. From food drives to helping out at local retirement homes, the children of St. Paul School are required to perform “service hours” that are designed to teach generosity, altruism and instill a hard-working, disciplined attitude. Excellence is expected and permeates through St. Paul School and the faculty and student body, so does a sense of goodness and frugalness. We make a little money go a long way. For example: All grade levels (Pre – K through 4) are scheduled for “Specials” each week...such as art, music, library, computers, and physical education St. Paul School is nationally accredited by “AdvancED” (the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement – NCA – CASI.) SPS middle-school students have three periods of Spanish and are testing into Spanish II for High School. SPS provides more periods of physical education each week than is required by the State. SPS provides multiple extracurricular activities such as: LEGO Robotics Club, Science Club, Vocal Choir, Rosary Group, Tonal Chimes, Hand Bell Choir, Crafty Kids Club, Basketball (Boys/Girls), Indoor Soccer, Cheerleading, Yearbook Club, National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), Student Council, MATHCounts, STREAM (Science Technology Religion Engineering Art Math, Activity Tutorial Period (ATP for 5th-8th grades) But all is not wonderful though. As many of you know, many Catholic schools have a hard time making ends meet. Enrollments are down and many families do not have the extra money to spend on a private education. Two neighboring Catholic schools in Willingboro and Maple Shade will close their doors next year. Even superb schools like St. Paul School have a hard time keeping the doors open. While our enrollment has stabilized, we will still be way short of breaking even; thus the need for the 2020 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE. This year’s version of the LEGO raffle will start with TEN awesome prizes. These include: Keep St. Paul Strong BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE 2020 $1000.00 in gift cards of your choice! Choose from retailers such as... Amazon Walmart Target Apple Disney ...and many more! Choose from ShopWith Scrip.com! 76139 1989 Batmobile 40433 Limited Edition 1989 Batmobile promo 76023 The Tumbler 75144 Ultimate Collector Series Snowspeeder 75060 Ultimate Collector Series Slave I 40333 STAR WARS Battle of Hoth 20th Anniversary promo PLUS BONUS STAR WARS SET(S)! 10175 Ultimate Collector Series Vader's TIE Advanced STAR WARS 10th Anniversary "Black Chrome" Darth Vader minifigure 75251 DARTH VADER'S CASTLE PLUS BONUS 40333 STAR WARS Battle of Hoth 20th Anniversary promo! 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition 40334 Avenger's Tower promo 76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 10253 Creator Expert Big Ben 10247 Creator Expert Ferris Wheel 10243 Creator Expert Parisian Restaurant ST. PAUL SCHOOL MYSTERY "A LOT" This is the best prize! Just sayin'...Collected over the past six months by the St. Paul community...Dozens of LEGO sets that contain thousands and thousands of pieces. All types, themes and sizes. Jeff and I even threw some in for good measure. Guaranteed 15,000 pieces. This prize kicks butt! IT IS ALREADY AT 10,000 PIECES AND THE ST. PAUL COMMUNITY IS STILL COLLECTING THEM UNTIL THE RAFFLE ENDS!!!! Multitude of sets from various LEGO movies! The lot will include: 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg 70618 Destiny's Bounty 70903 The Riddler Riddle Racer 70615 Fire Mech 70835 Rex's Rexplorer 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape 70834 MetalBeards's Heavy Metal Motor Trike ...and many, many more! HUGE LOT! Thousands of pieces!!! 71044 Disney Train and Station 71040 The Disney Castle ...and a few other Disney sets!!! BRICKPICKER RESELLER SPECIAL!!! Dozens of sets... GUARANTEED 15,000 PIECES AND THEN SOME!!!! This lot is so huge, it can only be shipped within the contiguous 48 states of the United States! Many retired sets ready to resell. From all major themes from Architecture to Trolls! Great for beginners or pros. There are multiples of some sets. This prize also includes a discount from West End Toys on their toy consignment program which I utilized the past year and a half selling my large inventory of LEGO sets!!! Please contact me for details. This is the most valuable prize we have raffled off in the five years of the BrickPicker LEGO raffle. Go big or go home!!! Once again, this year’s total prize value equals or exceeds the previous three year's total prize value. The last three years, we had 31 raffle prizes and winners from around the world. From Vancouver, Canada to Reno, Nevada to Miami Beach, Florida to the Isle of Man, United Kingdom and everywhere in between, generous raffle participants were rewarded with awesome LEGO prizes. I wish we had some winners in New Jersey so I can hand deliver the sets...maybe this year! We even had repeat winners! The 2020 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE can be found here on the secure Rally.up.com site: CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE 2020 BRICKPICKER LEGO RAFFLE FOR ST. PAUL SCHOOL! Like the last three years, we will ship most of the prizes to anywhere across the globe. Two of the large lot prizes (SPS Mystery lot and Brickpicker Reseller lot) are so large I can only ship them to United States customers who live in the contiguous 48 states due to shipping costs. If there is an issue with shipping or prizes, a comparable prize and/or shipping method will be arranged with the winner. The last four years, the LEGO BRICKPICKER RAFFLES worked very well. The Rallyup.com site is a first class, secure site that made this all possible. They also issued the school a big fat check(s). All raffle proceeds and donations benefit the school directly by bridging the gap between what tuition covers and actual educational costs. It also raises money to upgrade the school’s technology, keeping St. Paul School ahead of the academic curve with a dynamic curriculum. The prizes have been donated by Jeff and I, the St. Paul School PTA and by some very generous BrickPicker members. I am hoping, like last year, that more people will donate sets after the raffle begins. It was fun adding to the prizes last year. You never know what can pop up as a prize! I AM ALWAYS ADDING NEW SETS!!! On a personal note, once again, I would like to thank every person who donated sets/money and/or bought tickets to last three year’s LEGO BRICKPICKER RAFFLES. It helped save a wonderful school and kept dozens of people employed and 165 kids with their friends and teachers. I don’t like asking but will anyway...please help out again this year. Even buying one ticket can help, and it gives you a chance to win some great prizes. Watching the raffle ticket total rise every day was an intense rush and extremely gratifying experience. It made me so proud to have started this site with my brother Jeff and made me realize there is still good in this world. I know some people do not approve of donating to faith- based schools or charities. I respect that, but also please respect my beliefs. This is not about religion. This is about helping a great school remain open and kids in their school and teachers in their jobs. Please keep negative comments to yourself. Thank you... The structure is slightly different this year. Unlike in the past three years when, for example, $10.00 would buy a single chance, this year $10.00 will buy 10 chances or raffle tickets in some of the raffles. This is done for several reasons. For one, the Rallyup.com site has come up with a way to help put more money into the charity’s bank account. They will ask if a person who buys chances will “donate” money to support the raffle. In years past, St. Paul School would have to pay a percentage back to the Rallyup.com site to run it. This year, people can donate a few dollars to help out, and they will GET MORE CHANCES FOR PRIZES if they do so. Donors will visit the campaign page and choose how many raffle entries they want to purchase. During checkout, they’ll be asked if they want to add a small "tip" to help fund the campaign costs. In exchange, they’ll receive a limited number of “bonus” entries into the drawing. Tipping is entirely optional. This is a win-win for the school and for donors! The contest will end on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be notified by Rallyup.com early on the 18th of March. If you are a winner, please contact me on the site so we can confirm the prizes and shipping addresses. The Rallyup.com site works very well and is secure, so please feel confident in donating to the school and purchasing raffle tickets. All the money goes to St. Paul School, which is a 501(c)(3), and to Rallyup.com for running the raffle. I will make every effort to supply the winners with the appropriate prizes. If there are shipping issues, inventory issues or potential problems beyond my control, I will make sure the winners are awarded LEGO sets/gift cards comparable to the original prizes. Any questions, ideas or concerns, please reply below or PM Jeff or me… TICKETS AVAILABLE UNTIL: St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM DRAWING DATE: March 18, 2020 at 12:00 AM EST Thanks again! Ed Mack <<<<NEW TEXT OPTION>>>> DIAL 855-202-2100 AND TEXT “LEGORAFFLE” TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE RAFFLE! View full blog article
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    I'm very fortunate to have a store that let's me rummage through the recycle box when I'm there. A few weeks back I ended up with a Cafe Corner, Market Street and a Grand Emporium from the recycle box. It's amazing what the stores have to break down to send back.
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    I guess a 4k piece White House isn't all that surprising, but, boy, do I miss the days of Fallingwater, Farnsworth and Robie. No landmarks/monuments, just exquisite architecture.
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    I've made money and lost money at this thing, but this isn't my fulltime gig. I like to build Lego to relax, I like to collect, and I like to design. So, I tend to use reselling as a way to increase my collection of sets and loose parts at (hopefully) a net zero cost. Making money is just a 'thumbs up' if it happens. It's funny how it can be like gambling at the casinos: you hear a lot about the $1500 won across the night but little mentioned about the $1200 spent to get it (sometimes, the $2000 spent to get it - net loss!). When I started buying Lego again (4 years ago) after dark ages I basically went to retail sites and filtered to "on sale". At the time, I was stoked to find 20% off at Target (great deal!). Then I started watching SlickDeals (which rarely had a post worth looking at). I also look at the /r/legodeal subreddit thread, occasionally. When I first stumbled across BrickPicker I was looking for a price guide for some old sets I had. Then I found the BrickPicker forum which contained tips and tricks and I learned about the annual clearance cycles and everything else fell into place. I'm not sure if I'm thankful to be enlightened now or not. I'm too susceptible to the dopamine from the reward-motivated behavior in the hunt and I frequently find myself anxious. Building Lego is relaxing, it reduces anxiety. Wait a second... so part of the thing making me anxious is the same thing I use to calm down the anxiety! Has this hobby/business ever caused any one of you a serious setback in life, whether it be social, psychological, financial, impact to job/relationship, etc.? There are definitely days where I want to just sell the whole collection, but I do enjoy reading the news about upcoming sets, the direction Lego is going in, and following the trends. I just struggle because I am an all-or-nothing kind of person; it's hard for me to do things in moderation, but that's just me! Happy hunting everyone!
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    If I counted the amount of “free time” I spent researching, chatting, hunting, scouring websites and forums like these for lego deals, best selling practices, storage and retirement info... let’s be honest. It’s not free, but it’s a lot of time.
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    Had a nice MLK day negotiating bulk transaction with exporter on eBay yesterday: 9x 10816 My First Cars & Trucks - $40/each - $11/buy in 9x 21146 Skeleton Attack - $80/each - $25/buy in 5x 21144 Farm Cottage - $120/each - $32/buy in 1x 41067 Belle's Castle - $105 - $0/buy in after Kmart SYW points +$36 shipping via FedEx
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    See, if I were LEGO I would create Mof Gideon's TIE and put full beskar Mando + grappling cable in that set
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    I am sure my grandma has over 1000 of these and she doesn't even invest in Lego
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    there is 3 bhz coming too, a go brick me type potter student, hagrid and buckbeak
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    Favela by sebastian bachórzewski
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    Small Timer here...how I see it after about 2 years on this board: I think many small timers fall into "Subsidized AFoL" category where our interest/Hobby in LEGO keeps us on top of deals that come along which we take advantage; meaning we buy 3 or 30: if we like it: one for our personal collection, one for a quick flip to recover costs, and one to stash as a lottery ticket. If we don't like it then flip all to buy something we like. Few hobbies allow for this kind of sustainability...but it can ofcourse get out of hand really fast. The side benefit is that the structure is in place to resell...and I find that I often resell random stuff I come across...the negative side is I'm ALWAYS looking for random stuff to resell so maybe my psyche has been F'd w/ all this and i can no longer be an ignorant consumer...which I kinda miss.
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    my humble advice - don't think of it as investing where you can click a button to buy and click a button to sell. Think of it as a second job in which you will investing your free time for an undetermined wage.
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    A friend of mine was telling me why he loves The Great British Bake Off, and this was basically it. No drama, contestants rooting for one another, honest competition.
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