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  1. I grew up in Orlando. Space Shuttle was part of our culture. I watched Challenger blow up with my naked eye standing in the outdoor field of my school yard when I was in middle school. We would watch launches on TV and then seconds after the shuttle clears the top of the tower we would run outside and watch it go up with the naked eye. It was a great time for space travel. I also have a good family friend that is an air traffic controller at the Kennedy landing facility. One time (pre-9/11) the 747 was there after dropping off the shuttle. My friend called me up and asked if my wife and I want
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  2. The shuttles were so cool to watch. I remember the first time visiting Kennedy Space Center. I was blown away!
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  3. On cancel screen, there should be a checkmark to exclude shipping. Technically you used the money to pay for shipping, it is not your fault the address is invalid
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