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  1. Alright, I'm selling likes! I've already bought some raffle tickets, but just for fun, for every "like" this post gets from members who joined before the time of this posting, I'll spend an equal amount on more tickets, up to $250. If it gets beyond that, I'll figure out how much more I'll spend. Let's set a like record!
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  2. I am stealing Jaisonline's idea from last year! For each LIKE $***THIS***$ post gets I will donate 1 dollar! 1 like=1 dollar towards the schools raffle!
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  3. @Mos_Eisley "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". i would like to totally rip-off Mos' great idea of likes. This is a good cause so I don't think Mos will mind plus he's far more original than me when it comes to ideas like this. In addition to already donating 2 SW TFA sets along with a small donation, my wife and i will like to give even more by engaging other Brickpicker members. *** For each LIKE this post gets, we will donate $1 per by purchasing fundraiser tickets. No limit of likes. *** The cutoff time for my likes is Sunday @ 12:00 PM EST.
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  4. I wanted to create a new thread in order to give progress on my site updates. I want explain a bit on what happened and what I am doing. What happened with the site? Honestly nothing really exciting or dramatic, overall in the end, I did not want to support the host I was with for the past four years after not really offering too much help with managed servers. They would spend 30 seconds looking, say they can ping the server so its up and then just say, "hey not my problem". I was on aging hardware, paying the same amount of money, so I took the opportunity to move to a new host wi
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  5. March 30, 2018. This is a date that will forever be remembered. I can get a little emotional at times. As an adult, there are a few instances when I've shed a tear. I cried when my son was born. I cried again a year later when my daughter was born. I cried tears of joy when my beloved Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl 31 after three decades of mediocrity, and again when they won Super Bowl 45. The last time I cried was two years ago this April when my Mom passed away. March 30, 2018. Today is another day that I've sobbed like a baby. Upon waking up for work, I checked my phone like I alwa
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  6. This month (November 2016) marks my first complete year as a LEGO reseller and active BrickPicker, as well as the second anniversary of coming out of my Dark Ages. Okay, I was reading catalogs and buying a few cool sets for my kids every year before 2014, but nothing like the full-on assault of having to catch up with all that LEGO has offered in the past. To celebrate these milestones I thought it would be a nice idea to contribute some of my key lessons from the past year back to this community. First of all, a little background. What really got me out of my Dark Ages was LEGO Trains, a
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  7. Hi Folks. I'll do the same as last year (copying Mos' original idea) to support the children of NJ's St. Paul School. For each "LIKE" THIS SPECIFIC post gets, I'll put $1 toward the raffle. Thanks, JA Is Online
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  8. That's a great link right above, lets revive this forum a little BPs! if you got your money on bundle #5, you may just be getting my bricks too anyway, as cheap as I am, as lazy, as....as NOT-participating-in-SH.T as I am, I'm going to make a little version of Mos_Eisley $-4-likes idea, give this post 10 likes and I'll spend $10 on raffle ticket, up to 50 likes/$50! Let's go. (I'll pay on last day of the raffle Ed) And on the side, buy some tix too! Plus like Mos_Eisley post that I provided...
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  9. Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping Many members have asked for a centralized place where they can go for shipping box information. I'm going to pin this post and update it as new information is provided. I just want to take a few minutes and thank those who wrote the following articles. They are still very good reference materials for the LEGO storage and shipping process. I may develop this into a blog article eventually. Fcbarcelona101's : Selling LEGO : Basic Materials Guide Mos Eisley 's : LEGO Storage Wars Incompetech's Catalog of Amazon.com Box Sizes - (tha
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  10. Well, I’ve been quite busy for the past 6 months or so…but I have been slowly piecing together and building a train terminal that I purchased the instructions from on eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lego-Station-PDF-instructions-MOC-Building-City-Modular-/152374747648?hash=item237a3e2200). I also did some modifications and customized it a little bit by adding a comic shop and a small convenience store (with stickers from Brick Builders Pro (http://www.brickbuilderspro.com/). It was quite the project and I just finished it, so I thought I would show some pictures to you all. I had some help sour
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  11. This one is for you LEGO, inspired by @BrickLegacy and brought to you by Brickpickers everywhere.
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  12. I've been searching for a nice community and stumbled in here. I am 40 now, but grew up with Legos into my teen years. After that, well, I didn't have much time for the hobby and it faded away mostly. Fast forward to the now. I didn't really fall back into the exciting hobby I once knew as a kid. It was all by "happenstance". Let's rewind a few years. 2012, I had been a cop for 13 years. One night, I was outside of my patrol car with some kids that were out at 2am without permission. While I was talking with them, I was struck by a passing car. I suffered a lot of injuries,
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  13. Wow. This might be one of the craziest deals I ever found. I just left Savers (a goodwill type store). Found a big bag of Legos marked $9.99. I had a 30% off coupon, so I paid $7. I wasn't sure what was in the bag, but it was big enough to be worth it to me. Looked like a lot of white and blue so I was assuming some kind of city police stuff. Didn't see any minifigures so I was a little disappointed, but I saw a some numbered bags so that's cool. I got in the truck and open it up. Start pulling out all sealed bags. Lots of white and blue. Oh look, an instruction manual. Woah. It's a freaking U
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  14. This month (November 2016) marks my first complete year as a LEGO reseller and active BrickPicker, as well as the second anniversary of coming out of my Dark Ages. Okay, I was reading catalogs and buying a few cool sets for my kids every year before 2014, but nothing like the full-on assault of having to catch up with all that LEGO has offered in the past. To celebrate these milestones I thought it would be a nice idea to contribute some of my key lessons from the past year back to this community. First of all, a little background. What really got me out of my Dark Ages was LEGO Trains, a
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  15. Ask Tabby, he's claimed to have sold off his entire inventory 4 or 5 times since Halloween
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  16. UPDATE! So I received a call from my insurance company the other day. The police arrested a guy for breaking & entering, and when they searched his property, they found "a lot of Lego sets". One detective was having lunch with my detective and casually mentioned the find, and he remembered my case from 2016 and they interrogated the suspect. He totally admitted meeting me on Craigslist, bought a few sets from me, and then came back to my warehouse to commit the robbery. He was able to back a cargo truck up to the loading door and spend several hours loading up. The replacement
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  17. With everyone posting their collections earlier this week, I decided to post how mine currently looks. I am likely building the Porsche with within a few weeks so will have to move things around. Enjoy!
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  18. After spending most of the year bricklinking the Barad Dur, it's finally done with a few modifications, it stands 45 inches tall. Thanks to Kevin at BrickStruct for creating the instructions. The model still needs a couple of mods that I will do when I have room to display it.
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  19. Here is Version 1.0 of the Brickpicker LEGO Stock Tracker. There will be a few different pages and trackers released over the coming days. This one here will be one that is updated very frequently. This list here will not grow to 100 sets or anything like that. I want to keep it focused on key sets that are desirable and sought after. This tracker will also be enhanced over the next few days to setup alerts via the site as well as email and SMS. I have included the current price on the site as well as an alert icon if the current price is higher that retail MSRP. You will also see how l
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  20. Ok guys very important post is about to be announced by me yes 'mark from the UK' lol if i can get a least 10 likes ill let you all into a little secret into why i have purchased maybe every set that went on sale on ebay and in total 0000's just need at least 10likes and maybe you can make at least 3k on one set Thanks 'mark from the uk'
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  21. Due to last year's disappointing UCS sets I started looking at MOCs and was blown away by the Nebulon Frigate. ~ 5800 pieces later and this masterpiece now stands before me. Now addicted and can't wait for the next one. Thinking tie bomber, tie Interceptor or cavecods at at
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  22. I'm going to take a few moments to take a page out of my co-worker's book. He is a blunt man, and generally if something is wrong in the office, he sends out an email and copies everyone on it calling out whatever is being done (like not filling the coffee pot) and whoever is doing it. Not the best way to go about things, but results are there. He signs them "Crotchety Old Man" (hes 29) So here is my Crotchety Old man Post: A few things I want to put out there. These are facts IMO (clashes I know) that some people should know. I think people throw around silly numbers and com
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  23. It all started with one of our fish having babies. We separated them in a breeding tank for a couple of days. But that was not enough....my wife and sons teamed up on me and begged for a bigger tank. Next thing I knew...we had decided to not only get a bigger tank, but also decided exactly how we wanted to decorate it. We love our Lego displays, and this was just another creative way to add to the collection. What the hell...right?!! Great build! Very fragile! Great display piece!
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  24. Built the docking bay 327 which will be the new home of my recently purchased 10179.
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  25. To lighten the mood, here is a finished picture of mine. To get the colors of the engine plume correct, the four outside engines use a trans-orange plate while the center engine uses a trans-light blue plate. This was achieved using Brickstuff pico LED lighting system (http://www.brickstuff.com - cannot recommend enough. A little pricey, but great to work with and the end result is fantastic). 5x pico LED's, some adapter boards, an IR Lighting Effect Controller, and a small battery pack. The four outer engines (orange) have a flicker effect, the center engine (blue) is solid on
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  26. Pretty easy sequence to predict here people. Both for Cindy and Death Star. 1. Image leaks. 2. "Meh, not impressed, where has Lego's creativity gone?" 3. "Guaranteed investment winner" - Ed Mack 4. "Well, the previous version [is/isn't] selling well in [Europe/US], so don't think your market can predict the [US/Europe] market on this set!" 5. OrcKing posts high-res official thread pics minutes after they are available. 6. "You know, looking at this again, I like those two greebles, and look, two new unique parts in [seafoam blue/dark-light-gray-bley]" 7. Goes
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  27. "You don't know you're in the good old days until you've actually left them." I am not sure how many of you have read my postings over the last 2 months since I joined in January, so I will give you a very brief intro to my background. While I am a relatively new Brickpicker member, I am certainly not new to this game. I was in it huge from 2004-2007, Had many UCS xwings, UCS Tie Interceptors, UCS ISD, UCS Y-wings, UCS Snowspeeders, CTT, Cloud Cities etc. While I was not an emazer level operation, I was running about 3,000-4,000 in volume on an average m
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  28. Hello LEGO fans... After months of discussion about fake, counterfeit, knockoff, illegal, garbage, and crap sets and companies, the BrickPicker administration and moderator team have decided to remove this discussion completely from the BrickPicker forums. I had hoped that people could discuss these topics in a mature manner, without promoting them, but that failed miserably. It is unfortunate that there is a small, but vocal, group of people who support these illegal products and will try to push these products at any given chance. For whatever reason, they consider these products leg
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  29. Here you go. Are likes important? ^^ Anyway, I find it interesting that the City Vulcan sets are also seem to be done. They are from last year, so they are not really that old. Did a pretty good investment with the last (deep sea) sets, but I didnt bought any of these Retired.txt
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  30. I am very glad my whole family loves my hobby. My husband and I bought these today for our collection!!! Not the greatest deal ever, but I saved some money and got the sets I wanted. Not in photo are old VW Beatle and monster Haunted House
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  31. I think you may have joined the wrong forum.
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  32. Well...I finally found all the pieces...a couple off color but still looks amazing I think. It took my son and I 7 hours with 3 slight rebuilds until we got the balance right. Yes, it is tricky getting it to stand! Let me know what you all think. #legodad
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  33. All the winning prizes have shipped...Finally. A lot of work. I would appreciate that winners would post photos of their prizes in this thread. I would like to thank everyone once again for your support. Principal Robbins received and deposited the $62,000 check yesterday. Instead of planning for next year, the school would have been planning to close its doors without the support of all of you. I salute you...
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  34. Today I tried something different and set up a Lego booth at a local indoor flea market that is held three times per year. I advertised on local Facebook buy/sell groups for about a month leading up to the sale. It seemed to drum up a lot of interest since many people told me that my booth was the only reason they came to the sale. I choose this particular date since it’s right before the holiday shopping season and advertised it as such. Pros...the sale was located less than a mile from my home, so very minimal transportation issues. Lots of traffic and networking opportunities. I had so
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  35. list wins again. not bad accurately predicting the EOL of a 5 month old set. I'm feeling generous and seems Cladner and Val-E are working to hard at this, might as well simplify their jobs for the holidays. Plus some of these need to disappear quicker... 10815 My First Rocket 41123 Foal's Washing Station 60131 Crooks Island 70326 The Black Knight Mech 70338 Ultimate General Magmar 70339 Ultimate Flama 70605 Misfortune's Keep
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  36. Having now built this, it's no wonder why Lego haven't released a UCS AT-AT. Despite his being well designed and structurally very stable it was a bit of nightmare putting everything together. I spent almost a day attaching the head onto the body. Biggest build to date coming in at just over 6700 pieces. Hopefully that will be topped by the new Falcon and then my UCS collection is complete with respect of in my opinion all of the iconic ships in Star Wars universe.
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  37. Saw this MOC somewhere on the web and thought it was great so decided to recreate it...
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  38. "Well I have about 20 Emails and 3 phone calls on the New Death Star and what am I doing about the 10188.I was going to wait a while to post but with my name poping up everwhere well he is my thought. "Do I have the blues on this on the 60 DS I had sure who wouldn't. But you guys with just a few act like the world has ended, and Lego investing is dead, Well I have sold 15 DS, $550-600, most on Craigs List, and with the Double VIP Points a few weeks ago and I had a few hundred dollars VIP Points I took the $5000 grand and so and went out and got Sancrawlers, Ferris wheels, More Simpsons sets, E
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  39. Spent some time and built the new Spider-Man Web Warrior Bridge (76057). Had to modify and combine two, of course! Then added lighting into the side and top of the towers, and under the bridge as well.
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  40. You know when your other half walks in the house looking all happy with herself and says "Well..........?" And you know she must have changed something but you've no idea what. This is the Lego equivalent.
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  41. Don't know if it's new but Walmart Tie fighter USC $139.99 rollback. http://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Star-Wars-TIE-Fighter/42104274
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  42. Hi everyone. Well, after thinking about it for the last couple years, I decided to start up a real life physical retail store selling lego. I’ve been working on getting the space ready for the last couple months, and will open the doors this saturday, October 20th. Starting out, I will be the only employee, but I’m sure that will change very soon. I’ll at least have to hire someone to host the birthday parties we will offer. Since i’m doing this independently, instead of joining a franchise like bricks and minifigs, i don’t exactly know what all to expect, but i’m sure it will be fun. If
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  43. Working on a western scene and saw a western train station on Lego Ideas and liked it (https://ideas.lego.com/projects/9050), but wanted to mod some changes, make it a modular and add some LED lights (http://www.lifelites.com/). I have worked on this one on/off for about three years making all kinds of modifications to it. I want to redo the inside of the building at some point, maybe give it more detail like the outside. However, for now I am content with it. I hid the battery pack to the street lights under the water tower and ran the wiring under the building (you can kind of see the b
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  44. Today is the Grand Opening day for a fellow brickpicker - Best of luck (hopefully more press) - Let us know how it goes!
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  45. Finally got around to finishing up my Tatooine diorama. The mini Sandcrawler is something I built a couple of years ago. Tried a bit of forced perspective with mixed results.
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  46. In a sleepy little town called Billund in Denmark, there is a treasure. And if you have the right connections, you can get a peek at it. The Lego House is a museum that can be visited by special arrangement. Its a very well done timeline of the company with lighted walls showing photos, history, and niches of actual products over the years. But if you have the right guide, you can step through a secret wall panel in the tour, go down a shallow set of steps, and badge through a door labeled "engineering". There you will find "the vault" and a copy of every Lego set made since the 1
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