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    Most people aren't aware the 2 months ago I had a pretty serious stroke. Im only 45 and in good shape. Ends up I had a 13mm hole in my heart so it was only a matter of time. So since I have 6months off of work and with all the crazy stuff going on in the world I figured it was good therapy to get back to building. So this is the first think I have built. Turned out ok. Will be starting on Dr.Stranges house tomorrow.
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    Yes. The hole in my heart allowed a clot to enter the blood supply to my brain. Im fortunate that from just looking and talking to me you cant tell. I have some memory issues , constant tingling on my right side and some issues with my vision. All have been getting better amd building is good therapy .
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    Hello Brick Pickers, We would like to offer you again an exclusive discount as a member of the community. This is a pre-order for series 2 of the Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures (71028). Details are as follows: Box - $209 Set - $69 Please message us with your PayPal email address for invoice. Note the quantity of box or set you are interested in. Shipping is FREE and will begin in September. We are estimating shipping in mid-September. International shipping is $10/set and $25/box. Stay safe. Happy building, Jon
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    Finally finished Ewok Village to prep it to sell after getting my last bricklink order. This was a really fun build. It was cool seeing the trees come together. Even though there are several trunks, it never felt repetitive at all. The finished set looks great too. It's a shame the previous owner wrote on a couple of the covers and pages in the manual.
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    Story time.... When I was a kid, I would pour over Thomas Bros maps when on long car trips. I’d follow roads all over the map, from page to page. Study neighborhoods, how things were laid out. Where construction was planned. I point to that as a primary reason I ended up getting a degree in Geography, and being a cartographer as my first career.
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    if I was you, I'd say the biggest newbie mistake is meeting at your house. That can cause you a lot more than $2.
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    @Jeff Mack Is there any light at the end of the tunnel on Brickfolio? Hope all is well
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    fbm- friends heartlake grand hotel - $575 - this is about $65 more than what grand emporiums are going for. lol. wish i had more but this is last one. also sold my last back to the future delorean - $299!!! buyin $27.99 permasale.
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    Disinfecting wipes shortage. I swear it is easier to find discounted LEGO sets than a tub of disinfecting wipes at < 200% markup
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    Went to Palm Springs this week for the last week of summer vacation. Decided to check out Downtown Disney since my wife wanted to buy art from her favorite Disney artist. The Lego store was limiting the number of people inside the store to ten, and we had to put our name and phone number on a waitlist to get in (text when ready). It was an hour and a half wait, but it was fine since we had other shops we wanted to go to. Once inside, they allowed you to grab sets you wanted. PAB area was closed. There was a display near it that listed what pieces were available with a number next to each piece, and you had to fill out an order form with what pieces you wanted. A few of the sets on the shelves had the Euro stickers on them. It was kind of a weird experience with so little people in the store, but they managed it very well considering the crazy environment we're in.
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    My first LEGO sale! I picked up a Technic Air Race Jet (42066) from a local listing for $60 and sold it on eBay for $166 after shipping, for a nice 176% gain within 2 weeks. It’s going to take a few more of these for my bone-headed mistake of spending $1500 on an Osprey 😳. Pray for me...
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    Bunch of pre-owned Star Wars sets. Wanted the display space back and was motivated to sell. Did roughly half retail so $300 cash. I think I bought at about half off anyways so to get to build, display and sell at cost works out for me. Slow local market where I am also, so to secure this in a day on Craigslist felt great. Oh and NO disassembly, whoo hoo!
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    There are 6 knights across 4 sets, 75272, 75256, 75273, 75284
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    I made one for NES, but Amazon took it down. I'm trying to get them to restore it. If not, I'll put up a new one in a day or 2.
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    Look at Stuart behind him, he's creeped out, too!
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    I sold a number but my favorite sale was 60056 Tow Truck for a buy-in of 10.05 for $115 for a total profit after expenses of $78.91 or a return of 785%. I don't have all winners but if someone told me I could turn $10 into almost $90 in five years - I would take it. Bought in on March 9 of 2015.
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    Wife played bumper cars earlier in the year (main damage in the lower left hand corner of pic 1) and finally had some time to complete the repair. The lowest price a body shop offered me was $1250 for the bumper and upper and lower grill. I got all the parts online, including a color matched bumper for a grand total of $275.
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    I think the LEGO Mario sets will do better than the Hidden Side sets, mainly because Mario/Nintendo has such a large following and is easily recognizable and liked from a variety of age groups. I could definitely see more collectors trying to get all of their favorite characters and purchasing sets for display vs LEGO collectors buying a bunch of Hidden Side sets. There may be some sets in particular that could be sought out by collectors if certain characters aren't produced again in newer waves. And while both lines use Apps to interact or do things with particular sets, the LEGO Mario sets can be played w/out the App and still get a lot out of it. That's not to say that the Mario sets are without flaws. I hate that there are no instructions in the box with the sets and that you have to use the App to build things. And the rules of the Mario gameplay (through the courses you build) aren't very well defined. For example, there are some items that cannot be used multiple times in a short timeframe. And some items can only be used once per course run-through (time block comes to mind). If you try to build a really big course but can't add time to your gameplay more than once, it really limits what you can do. It would be nice to know what you can or can't do when you're trying to build a bigger course. In any case, my son and I have purchased several of the expansion sets and have really enjoyed them with the main starter course. I've found it fun to build a variety of courses to play through and try. My kid (5 years old) still enjoys playing with the characters more and making them interact vs running Mario through a timed course. Perhaps that's how most younger kids are with this particular line, while the older kids would rather compete and collect coins. While it's still early in the grand scheme of things, I did find it impressive that all of the expansion sets were on backorder on the LEGO site. Just checking now, even the starter kit is now on backorder too. How many other lines with +10 sets do you see that happen to with their initial release? Perhaps LEGO under-estimated the demand initially and will have everything back in surplus stock by the end of the month or early next month. But can they keep up with the demand into the holiday season? Time will tell...
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    Almost the same for me today. Sold my loose Ewok Village for $250 local sale. I posted it yesterday. I didn't have to break it down and guy paid cash. Made about $10 less than I would off of eBay (my instruction manuals had writing on it from the previous owner and I had no box), but I'd pay $10 any day to save the hassle of breaking down a big set and boxing it up nice so it arrives safely. And no possible scamming!
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    Not quite a "daily deal", but I popped on my Discover account today and noticed the 5% cashback for Oct-Nov-Dec is Amazon/Target/Walmart websites. Make sure you activate that badboy and clear your balance.
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    I wonder if they'll backtrack because of the history of this beast?
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    LOL. As Big Daddy Kane once said "put a quarter in your ass 'cause you played yourself."
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    Classic space sandcrawler by Walter Whiteside Jr.
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    MFS-019 Octopus by Moko
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    (6079) Dark Forest Fortress by Patrick B.
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    I never sell used sets without them being ready to ship. So if it’s a set that’s assembled, I take photos assembled, then break it down. After breakdown I will photograph the bag(s) the parts are in. That way if there’s any problems, like missing or broken pieces, I know before I sell it. I never sell used sets without them being ready to ship. So if it’s a set that’s assembled, I take photos assembled, then break it down. After breakdown I will photograph the bag(s) the parts are in. That way if there’s any problems, like missing or broken pieces, I know before I sell it.
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    I miss using maps or memory for road trips. Half the fun was getting lost and seeing what happens. So many good times.
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    I’m not in any hurry to sell, but I will take offers on a case of 3 from buyers in the United States. I also have the sets in hand already.
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    Bought a U-Wing two years ago for $35, built it, displayed it, sold it last night used for $80 with $10 shipping on eBay. Now it's time to tear it down, the less fun part.
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    I'm guessing that it is probably cheaper for USPS to just pay overtime to their drivers rather than to hire the extra personnel they would need after you factor in benefits for the new people. This is pretty much it. Because of the really stupid law requiring USPS to pre-fund retirement accounts it is infinitely more expensive to hire a new body than it is to pay OT to existing ones. I agree that OT is not a healthy business model but the blame for this lies with the Bush administration and the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.
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    I just added this disclaimer to my $200+ listings [Due to the high price, please expect messaging through the Ebay system to clarify and confirm sale details; set will not be shipped until confirmed messaging by the buyer] I know this won't protect me from all scammers...but it's an additional filter
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    It took all of July, but I finally finished sorting out all of my brothers and my own vintage bricks. Now I begin the process of slowly reassembling all of the sets. Yellowed white bricks galore, peeling stickers and STAMP everywhere. Would really love to have updated stickers that solved this issue, especially for sets like 6350 (Pizzeria) and 6335 (Indy Car Transport). But the worst, 8143 (Ferrari F430 Challenge) You cannot even disassemble this car with out destroying the stickers.
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    Bags being of different types (white line in the center has (c) 2015) and the white-outlined numbered one has several copyright dates, including (c) 2011) is not an issue. LEGO switched over to the new bag type in 2015/2016 but still to this day has leftovers of the 2011 bags which they will mix in. Regarding the sticker sheet - that would be a problem, as there are only 2 US based sellers on Bricklink, with the cheapest selling a sheet of stickers for $40 before shipping. So before offering up to send them a replacement sheet, I would: a) Ask them to check the inside of the box and the manuals carefully, as these sheets are often loose in the box or with the manuals in a separate plastic bag. b) Ask your buyer to call LEGO CS to see if they can send them a replacement sticker sheet - or if you are uncomfortable to ask, since you were the original buyer, call LEGO CS yourself.
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    $125 on craigslist All genuine figures, all in collectors condition at less than $2.25 a piece. Haven't found a blemish on one yet. We shall see which of these end up on Bricklink and which I keep.
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    Took in two rescues today. Think they are just two weeks or so. I think I have a family for them already, will have to get them off the bottle first. I have been fostering 10 years now but stopped once covid hit. Nice to be back at it.
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    If you've been waiting for 40205 train track to come back in stock somewhere, Amazon has a lot at RRP right now. https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Tracks-60205-Building-Piece/dp/B07BGLZ7WK 340 available at the moment
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    I have a family member who works for Target and they said that in the past 3 days they have worked in the toy section they have had at least 6 people ask each day if they have the starter set in stock. They said that they have never had so many people asking about 1 particular out of stock set before (they have worked there for 4 years).
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    Legends say.... by mike m.
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    Those maroon (Dk Red) pieces are notorious for getting very brittle quickly. We've broken many over the years...even when trying to be cautious.
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    Tantive 75244 up at Lego: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/tantive-iv-75244
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    MF-011 DRAGOON by Moko
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    can't help but think there will be plenty of these around
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    Turned a book shelf destined for the dump into a nice piece for the baby's room. (took about 2 weeks between sanding, painting and staining.)
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