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    Yes what Ed said is right. I am working on it and I am taking the time to address the issues it's been having as well. I will get the Brickfolio back to everyone as soon as I can, but as I just said, i am taking the time to FIX it as well.
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    https://www.promobricks.de/lego-75317-brickheadz-mandalorian-yoda-baby/94910/ Official images have surfaced. Definitely an investment winner, although to me it looks like Baby Yoda was sitting on a toilet.
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    You don’t _need_ this back badly. Brickpicker provides a free service, at best you would like to have this back soon. You should have a backup of your information. As with anything free on the internet (and sadly also with the majority of non-free stuff) there is no expectation of continuity. The only way to make sure something stays is keeping it yourself. I am sure Jeff and Ed are doing their best to restore Brickfolio functionality as quickly as they can. In the meanwhile, be patient.
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    The site is down for legitimate reasons for 2-3 days and all of a sudden a bunch of lurkers are making their first posts in a panic. It’s kind of entertaining. As Aaron Rodgers would say...relax!
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    The show is fun, it doesn't need to be (or try to be) anything more than that - stop being snobs.
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    I picked up a bulk lot of Harry Potter sets - including 10217 - so this was my Sunday build. I love this set, always a pleasure to build. This one is in very nice condition too.
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    [email protected], I bought all the parts of a second Pirate Roller Coaster (he kept the tracks). Win-win for both of us - he wanted another set of tracks; I wanted everything but the tracks. So he cracked one open for the both of us. So thanks for a smooth and quick transaction. I’m looking forward to building out my pirate coaster some more. And I look forward to seeing what he does with that extra track.
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    None that I can recall. To be honest, many of these Ideas "losers" are way better than the sets designed by The LEGO Group's paid employees.
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    As Jeff stated in another thread, there was a problem with the servers. He hired a new server company and is transferring all the information to faster and more reliable servers. All of the Brickfolio information is safe and the site will be back to normal in a few days. It takes time to transfer all of this information and Jeff has his real job to deal with as well. Sorry for the inconvenience...
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    327. No Toying around by xJohns
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    And just imagine if the "Destroy your LEGO" idea catches on.
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    It's hard to make a show that is all things to all people. My boys are 8, 10 and 12 and they have loved the first couple of episodes. They got all of their lego bins out and have been building MOCs over the past couple of weeks. The show fires up their creative juices & makes them want to build (and has done the same for me after having burnt out a bit over the past few years), so in that sense I feel like they are accomplishing their goal.
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    I built an MOC I designed a few years back, but just never got around to doing. I call it the Winter River. It is built on a MILS plate design. I have a second plate that will go in front of it, called Winter Lake. It will be a frozen pond for ice skating and hockey. Both of these will be for the Winter Village. I finally will start having some plates for the builds to live on. The pics show the different stages - first pics show the “before” the frozen river is added. Next shows the frozen river. And finally, the stone bridge across the river.
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    40198 Lego LUDO Game This came with a dark gray 32x32 baseplate that you frame out as shown in the instructions in the picture and there are 4 separate 16x16 plate builds that come together to form the game board. The spinner is printed which was cool to see. The spinner spins very nicely when flicked (between 4 - 6 rotations on a decent flick). Not sure what else the 1-6 circle plate would be good for in a MOC. Wheel of fortune MOC? Regarding minifigures, 16 are included. The pants/legs were identical within each color group. Each group had two male, two female. Red has no alternate faces. Blue the female has alternate. Yellow the female has alternate. Green both male and female have alternates. The green male alternate is a "I'm going to puke" face (fat cheeks) which is amusement park-ready but not sure it fits in this game (unless he's been riding the spinner lately, then I get it). My daughter and I now call this the Lego Seasons game, which sound much more fun than Ludo. I'm not familiar with Ludo but the setup and rules remind me of Parcheesi. The rules are also similar to games like Sorry, Trouble, etc. Get a number to go out of your color zone (six), move around the board back to your safe zone. First to get all minifigs back safe wins. We havent played it yet but will later today. Overall decent value for the $27.99 sale price given 16 minifigs, a dark gray 32 x 32 baseplate, 4 of 16x16 plates, and a cool spinner.
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    Batman Hall of suits by Kloou.
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    I watched it with my two kids age 4 and 6. They loved the builds, but kept asking "Why is that man wearing a dress" and "why does he have a bow in his hair." Frankly, I'm not ready for these kind of conversations...
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    I finally got a chance to watch the first two episodes and think they are doing a great job. It's fun, I like seeing what the people come up with and overall I think most of the contestants are entertaining enough to watch (I ignore the drama garbage on any of these shows). This show is not about tutorials and building techniques, there is no time for that. If anything, they would include that on a website or a YouTube clip. None of these competition shows show you the proper way to design with sugar or properly sand something. The host is fun, that stage is awesome and I think they people from LEGO offer good advice. Everyone gets something different out of it, I am looking forward to the next show.
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    Saw a used 10262 James Bond DB5 set for $100. Decided to take a chance on it. Pretty decent build. Very happy with it. the build wasn’t overly repetitive which is nice. Was also surprised how strong the build it especially w/ the doors. I can hold the car up by a door. Great design.
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    Power of imagination - MMORPG fan zone by fdsm0376
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    begging to be your new bp avatar.... cmon you know you want to.
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    Unfortunately, this is all that sticks in my memory of the show, and it's most unfortunate. 😛
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    You can knock it out in 20 minutes MAX on the DVR. The one guy with the green alien build is at another level then all of the other contestants. They should have had Jang on as a contestant.
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    The Newlyweds' (Tyler and Amy) - I was also very impressed with their green alien, not just the build itself but their forethought into having that explosive fall into the alien mouth. I had somewhat pre-judged them the first episode in their ability to work together but they really turned it around this time. The Eccentrics (Sam & Jessica) - I don't get these two and part of me feels like it's just an act. I kind of want to go back and watch the show again and see how they edited it because I feel like they must argue with each other early on to get screen time and drama, but yet they still put together a decent looking cat in the end. Definitely eccentric though, I won't mind when they leave just on that account. Clark Kent & Superman (Christian & Aaron) - There is definite talent here but man those guys are cocky. So funny when the two people cheering on how their set got destroyed was essentially themselves. I mean, hey you need to sell it, better than saying "ooh that didn't work"... let the judges decide. So I get that part but still, we've got over-confident "Lego Instructor" and ginormous Army Sergeant. Interesting team. Married Thespians (Flynn & Richard) - I could care less about their "lifestyle", though I was concerned in the beginning that the producers would emphasize it way too much and I'm pleased that so far it's been rather subtle. Funny seeing the opposites attract thing going on, the nervous stressed out one with the calm level-headed one. Brothers Who Brick (Travis & Corey) - These guys are interesting because so far their builds have been rather "bricky" and "blocky". Not that everything has to be smooth and polished but that type of thing might be required down the road so I'll be interested to see how they adapt. East Coast Brickers (Mel & Jermaine) and The Unicorns (Krystle & Amie) - Neither of these teams have gotten much screen time and are somewhat under the radar. If they don't differentiate or stand out in some way I don't see them sticking around long. Father & Son BFFS (Manny & Nester) - These two are funny to watch interact and listen to. Like others, they somewhat have 'hobby-level' talent but I don't see them lasting long. The Bearded Buiders (Boone & Mark) - These guys are smart, fun, and to me have seemed to be very versatile. The challenge could change, and so do the requirements, but they still tend to bring a polished end product and I think that's one of their advantages is their adaptability. Only 2 episodes in though, so we'll see. Higher the Hair, Closer to God (Jessie & Kara) - Glad to see them go. Between episode 1 & 2 they didn't present that much Lego-building talent. I'm sure their over-the-top personalities and facial expressions got them on the show. Next...
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    We don't have a thread for those Ideas that have just hit the 10,000 supporters club (e.g., they will go into the next review). So let's use this thread to showcase those sets that have just hit the club, and that we'll see coming in a review sometime in the near future.
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    I'm still crushed the Addams house was not chosen after getting 10k. Guess it was too big to ever have a chance.
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    16Ith Century Mansion by Corvus Auriac MOCs
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    The Fall of Cyrene by Mark of Falworth
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    sold my last Minecraft The Wither 21126 for $199.99 fba. buyin was $19. only 2 sellers left on the listing .
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    Whenever it rained, there was an area in my yard that filled up with water like a small pond. My brother and I would both build a handful of small boats (rafts, really) out of LEGO, step back about 30 feet, and rain down dirt clods on the vessels. Whoever had more of his own ships floating at the end won. I cringe now thinking about it, but I know we had a good time doing it. I wouldn't be surprised if there are still some LEGO pieces buried in the soil back there.
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    Jan, Feb were once my favorite months (not crazy like christmas, but solid). Last year in particular didn't perform as expected, but interest has picked up this year (I noticed this prior to the show airing, but the show certainly should help). I think that the last SW movie/Mandalorian series/upcoming Clone Wars has been helping out.
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    My boys are doing the same thing! They are planning out a new SW MOC. The show got their creative juices flowing again also and I think that is the best thing for the resellers. The show may not do much for some people, but I think it's going to do a lot for us in the business (at least temporarily)..... And I tend to agree with josephmali, I feel like I'm moving more LEGO than normal for this time of year....could be the tax returns also....
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    Totally forgot I had already built the pond! So here’s a pic of the two of them together.
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    Meh. Another AT-AT. I was hoping for a $160 Ghost as the ship has been subtle inserted into Rogue One and Ep 8. Plus, it seems the original one was created just for the carton w/o much thought. E.g. Not much play area for kids like the new Falcon. we don’t need another AT-AT unless it's UCS sized.
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    What had me perplexed this episode was Mayim Bialic. It's almost like she wasn't a celebrity guest, but rather a "Hey let's find the nearest celebrity on the studio lot that has some free time to just be around to make things interesting." She even left before they were done. This show is slowly becoming a mess.
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    https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/chinese-new-year-temple-fair-80105 It's now available for back order at lego shop a home.
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    Interesting read... I am generally always on the side of small business over large corporations, but what did these people think would happen when they made the decision not to patent their designs? Even if it applied to only one country they could have registered it in the US and that would have prevented TLG from using their stuff or anyone who copied their stuff in the US without first reaching an agreement with Brickstuff.
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    It was a matter of time I suppose. Keep them reasonably priced and they will sell. I'd be willing to bet only a small percentage of the LEGO audience even know lights exist for sets...now that they can buy the set and the light kit in the same transaction, they will be a hit. Now....make it so I can hook them to a central hub that is remote controlled so I can control my lights without opening and closing my cabinets....winner!
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    Built some Brickheadz Bride & Groom Donald Duck Goofy & Pluto
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    I had great luck selling mine by the set on Bricklink if you have access to sell there. Checking their price guide would give you a good idea of current sets for sale as well as sets that have sold for the last 6 months.
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    I personally want the shuttle to go along with the other NASA sets. I see the 7 dwarves/Winnie the Pooh being created under the Disney line soon now that they have their inspiration, but they were already in production (wink,wink)
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    Cube-Robo by Moko
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    I've got to be honest - I'm not overly excited about any of these. If I had to pick one, I'd go with the Pursuit of Flight by JKBrickworks. That one, to me, is innovative - as least as far as what we've seen from Ideas sets in the past.
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    Finally get to be 'that guy' to post a great find! (from Facebook Marketplace last night). 20+ Star Wars sets including UCS Imperial Star Destroyer 10030, Rebel Blockade Runner 10019, Death Star II 10143, At-At 4483, Republic Gunship 7163, Sandcrawler 10144, Jango Fett's Slave 7153, Clone Turbo Tank 7261, and several other cool sets. All Mini-figures and instructions included, but no boxes. Paid $300. Last year I bought zero Lego sets of off FB and in 2020 I already have this and a UCS Falcon under my belt. Ha!
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