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Daily LEGO Deals - SPAIN

Jeff Mack

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44 minutes ago, botchy123 said:

That newsagent on the Costa Blanca might have got some more polybags in stock by now :) . Also Don Dino had 3 Technic Mining Trucks for 19.99 Euro

Even though it looks like you are from the UK, do you pay attention to the other EU regions as well.  I am not 100% on how well it works out for you?

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13 hours ago, Jeff Mack said:

i still have some work to do on this script, will finish it later tonight when i get home from work.

Also, let me know of other places that may be worth monitoring in here.

@Jeff Mack A big Amazon store that also regularly has good discounts is the Amazon Germany site. Especially interesting for Dutch people because of the free-shipping to The Netherlands (above a certain minimum purchase). I am certain that the German and Dutch members of Brickpicker would be thrilled to have a dedicated Amazon DE topic here! :) 

Another Amazon Store that may be interesting is the Amazon Italy site. I noticed that regularly some Lego Exclusive sets are offered on Amazon Italy which are never sold through Amazon DE or UK.

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On 3/2/2017 at 9:29 AM, tractorboy said:

Thanks Jeff. Yeah I order from Amazon ES/IT/DE sometimes if the deal is good enough and I'm ordering several sets. Shipping from Amazon UK is free for us in Ireland, and about €10-15 from the other Amazons.

Indeed Italy would be greatly appreciated by me. Also France since I occasionally get gift cards usable on amazon.fr only. Have a 130 euros right now to "burn"... we could call these as the Mediterranean sun blessed countries.

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amazon.it had EUR 10 off any order above EUR 50 (coupon code GRAZIE1000): it was supposed to be yesterday only but it seems to be working today as well

some example: 75156 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle would end up at EUR 66 (31% off)

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Toys Center in Italy has BOGO 50% (e.g. 25% off when buying 2 sets) online and in store.

This follows the annual end of October sale of 25% for a weekend.

This way you guys will know or get confirmation/reassurance you have no immediate threats or competition from Italian resellers as I believe this is as best as it gets in Italy apart from some occasional amazon.it offer. 

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in Italy... most expensive day in my BrickPicker career:

1) Toyscenter.it online only 20% off (with a stackable 20% off for new members)

2) Mondadoristore.it (online only?) 25% off many retired and not sets: some examples 41181 (Naida), 10249 (Winter Toys Store), 41179 (Dragon Queen), 42053 (Volvo EW160E), 41180 (Ragana) and 75827 (GBHQ) - there is also 10x Payback points multiplier for next order 

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ccc alert: Porsche 911 GT3 RS - 42056 at 174,99€ at amazon.fr

if you are Prime member (or if not you can try it for free for 30 days) you can get the price mentioned above

... not sure where to put it... figured I would put it in the Spain section since France is Southern Europe


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