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Future sets, themes, or licenses you would like to see

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Wizard of Oz would be a great one btw....they have that new movie coming out...

Wow, I didn't know there's a new movie on the way! Not sure how I missed that one - seems like the sort of thing everyone should know about.

I've just checked IMDB which says it's already completed and due for release later this year? Shame it's not going to be 2014+, that might've given a CUUSOO project a chance - there are a couple of them out there that could be great, but don't seem to have been updated for a while. Also, the designer listed them as separate small sets, rather than bringing them together into a single theme - regardless, I think the Tin Man looks great and worthy of more than the 7 supporters it's currently got!

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I thought megabloks had the contract with these but I could be wrong. They do. Everytime I have gone to Wal-Mart, there they are! Heck, those MEGA BLOKS "Skylander" sets were on shelves before Christmas last year.

I've heard about the "Oz: The great and powerful" film back when it was a rumor. Finally saw a teaser for it. Looks good.

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someone posted that they were a big avatar ( the movie) fan. Cleaning out closets, and found the avatar figures, unopened and complete, in a closet. Dont remember who the person was, but if you pm me, I will send them to you.  Sorry, should have said these were the free giveaway ones from McDonalds

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