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Star Wars 2023


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I would buy a small set similar to the Maul vs Ahsoka with Yaddle and Dooku with some sort of built section of the doorway. Palp would be a bonus.

Ships almost always sell so a shuttle with Jedi two named battling some security guards and a corrupt official would be cool. (Lego - I'm give you gold ideas).  We also had a landspeeder possibility in that short.

Baby Ahsoka akin to baby yoda would be interesting but I don't know.  Maybe a set with mama, baby, the elder and a buildable lion-beast.  Give mama a blaster and a knife along with a child carrier.


The Ahsoka training one was really nice but I feel like it would just be an existing set of clone troopers with a Commander Ahsoka and broading Gen Skywalker. I wonder if Anakin sensed the future and wanted to make sure she would survive for the Fulcrum role and who knows, she might have helped Jedi Luke on his search for lost knowledge since she knew the Jedi Temple and many of the locations like where to get crystals, etc... The future is always in motion or motion, the future is.


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On 11/3/2022 at 2:39 PM, cardensb said:

We really do need an update TIE Advanced on scale with The Solo boxed TIE fighter and R1's Defender.  Update UCS would peak my interest too. 

I wholeheartedly agree and I already own every UCS Tie and voted for the UCS Tie Bomber a couple of years ago. 

However, there is one big problem - tie's are not popular, especially in UCS scale.  (Tie Bomber was a very distant 3rd in the vote).  It's the duplicity of the wings.  Large and repetitive is not fun.

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On 12/6/2022 at 5:48 AM, scatttcat said:

Oh man the images of the leaked Tie Bomber. 😍

The minifigs look good but, I wasn't impressed by the build. Don't know if my standards are too high as I built Jerac's TIE Bomber a year or two ago.

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18 minutes ago, BrickLover80 said:

Any concerns that the captain rex helmet will limit the stormtrooper helmet's march to $200?   

if anything it hastens it.  well maybe.   the only thing stopping stormtrooper helmet from getting there is amazon pricing bot police blocking at $130.  they sell in under an hour at that price.

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5 minutes ago, gmpirate said:

Your scouts may just pan out!


Actually was looking at my records yesterday. Appears I bought a couple of hundred at $35 from Kohls + Cashback.  Now I only wish I had bought more.

Funny how sets can flip to winners pretty quickly.

Patience is key to this business and unfortunately I possess little of this trait. Makes sense since on the side I day trade options on days of expiration. Extreme opposite sides of spectrum..

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