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75097 - Star Wars Advent Calendar 2015


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7 minutes ago, Bold-Arrow said:

Should be about 28$ based on a rough estimate . I never used the coupons on those though . 

I think that's fair with all coupons gc and rewards you could have been a few more bucks cheaper but depending on which coupons and what day etc

im not jumping for joy on incredible margins I was worried I made a mistake last week on buying a nice small to medium stack of them over the last couple of months and now it looks like I may be able to get out with a few bucks profit

I agree seeing sellers left and velocity in a week will be telling


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19 minutes ago, fossilrock said:

If you don't mind me asking, what was the lowest price you guys found on these from TRU using truth?  

$43 - 20% coupon - 10% truth = $30.96 without trying.  Additional discounts if you stack the $5 coupon, partial pay with gift card, count rewards r us, finagled a price match, or added and account for bricktober.  Don't forget took add tax (if applicable).

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There were many nay sayers last year. And also a bunch of people who made a bunch of money on advents. Yes it had Vader. Who is the second most popular character? R2 that's who. 

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