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Retired Product Update Thread (2014-2017)

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Beautiful thanks asharerin!


Cissi wonderful list.

If you will be keeping up a master list looks like you can add in 21110, 21103 and all of these per asharerin TH, AA, GE, R2, HH, HE


I would smell the sweet victory on many of this but off to my eBay store to look over and raise some prices on those sets I have up for sale. LOL

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Guest TabbyBoy

Good news and there may even be more listed later. I ezpect eBay to be flooded any minute now so I'll wait for the QFLLs to take their tiny profits first.

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Hi, I found BP Grolim's EOL excel worksheet a while back (posted 03 June 2014) and I have updated it with the list provided by xRebirthed, just wanted to give credit to my fellow BPs for gathering the data. I have made some tweaks to the original spreadsheet, you are able to filter by set category etc. for the most recent retirements. Hope it's helpful for some.


Ummm.... *embarrassed* can someone assist me and tell me how to attach an excel sheet? haha NVM, figured it out


EOL dates table.xlsx


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All of this...




Note that it's quite funny to see some "retired" products also tagged as "new".

It does make sense for the mixels or the minifigs, but a bit surprising for sets 79121 Turtle Sub Undersea Chase and 70014 The Croc Swamp Hideout (new ? it's a mistake for this one, it's not "new" since a while)

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