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Retired Product Update Thread (2014-2017)

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5 hours ago, M.Jonker said:

The simpsons house is back in legoshop@home ?



yeap, same in Italy, the two Simpsons set are clearly "doing the dance"... to be fair the Lego Stores in Italy (which are not in the VIP points system) had tons of Simpsons House units and I thought they were not moving...)



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These sets retired on midnight December 31, 2017 in Czech e-shop:


10803 Arctic
10852 My First Bird
31063 Beachside Vacation

41132 Heartlake Party Shop
41133 Amusement Park Bumper Cars
41181 Naida's Gondola & the Goblin Thief
41184 Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase
41185 Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village

41588 The Joker
41590 Iron Man
41592 The Hulk

60103 Airport Air Show
60106 Fire Starter Set
60120 Volcano Starter Set
60151 Dragster Transporter

70353 The Heligoyle
70355 Aaron's Rock Climber
70356 The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction
70359 Lance vs. lightning
70596 Samurai X Cave Chaos

75099 Rey's Speeder
75147 StarScavenger
75148 Encounter on Jakku

75882 Ferrari FXX K & Development Center

76045 Kryptonite Interception
76054 Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear
76067 Tanker Truck Takedown
76068 Mighty Micros: Superman vs. Bizarro
76072 Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. Thanos
76073 Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto
76081 The Milano vs. The Abilisk

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