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What do your displays/collections look like?

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With everyone posting their collections earlier this week, I decided to post how mine currently looks.  I am likely building the Porsche with within a few weeks so will have to move things around.

So heres my collection so far. May take a few posts due to image size.  

This is one side of our collection.

Posted Images

My son crashed pretty hard tonight when he went to bed.  He made sure to have all of his Iron Man suits in formation and at the ready.  Just received another used mansion, so it will get an expansion project soon.P1130115.thumb.JPG.f5db5629745a67a8fe9f5

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31 minutes ago, Phil B said:

Not one but 2 Grand Emporiums ... and Market Street hidden in the back .... you spent some serious money in 6 months, hats off to you :)

I had to get MS to complete the set but it's just so ugly lol

Still burned holes in my pockets but I've been learning from the school of BP therefore I managed to pick up most of it at decent prices so yeah, thanks guys. :)

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6 minutes ago, thoroakenfelder said:

The OCD part of me is going nuts that you mixed Marvel and DC. LOL

Haha, well it is a SUPERHERO collection after all.  I tried my best matching them up by groups so it is in some order. I also am picky about stuff like that.  

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