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What do your displays/collections look like?

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With everyone posting their collections earlier this week, I decided to post how mine currently looks.  I am likely building the Porsche with within a few weeks so will have to move things around.

So heres my collection so far. May take a few posts due to image size.  

This is one side of our collection.

Posted Images

very soon you will run out of spaces to display your modulars on the display shelf. Is it me or the photo? because the cafe corner look bright red to my eyes?

The "red" Cafe Corner is my wife's custom Christmas version. The real one is in there also! We have our plan for Assembly Square with some minor rearranging. But after that, we will need to rethink the display. Thanks for the kind words!
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On ‎12‎/‎21‎/‎2016 at 6:49 AM, Kevink24 said:
Nice display! But I think I'm more impressed with your present wrapping skills...string, bows and all are decently wrapped... Nice work!

Thanks Kevin! Love the GIF! My wife takes her present wrapping very seriously! She does not mess around when it comes to Christmas! I'll pass on the kind words to her, she will appreciate the compliment!

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A red cafe corner..oh cool.... very good to see that your wife share your passion and of course very well done and well displayed. I got no doubt that after the assembly square, you will think up a much bigger and better display area. Best wishes to you then.

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even though investing in Lego has become more challenging, the potential to build anything your imagination comes up with has never been greater.
A while ago I decided I wanted to MOC my own house, recycling some profits from the reselling business in a really fun project. It took me a long time - clearly I lack lots of techniques, but I'm happy to show you the current status. 
 House2.JPG.26762473b2e02c063d31e7c01b8558c1.JPG  House1.JPG.7b0803106b827e67814ec466bdc46af4.JPG
I'm on a building break now before I open up the rooms to add some light bricks I bought from a Dutch specialized website. 
Once they are up and running, I'll probably post all the interiors too... (everything is 'Modular' - at least I learned something from my PS adventures :-))
Take care.

Awesome tree. That's impressive. Can you post large pics of it?
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On 5/29/2017 at 10:43 PM, badandy400 said:


Looks good, at least you started Green Grocer/Cafe Corner, wish I hadn't sold my Cafe Corner but a $400 markup just before a new home purchase kinda forced me into it.

My real question is why is he working, and not running around looting the ghost town?

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Thought the same thing, why is the stand off center like that? Is there a functional reason or is more of a fashion statement.
Keyboard looks pretty sweet too.
The monitor articulates and is mounted in the clear pass through hole of the desk (which is centered) there was just now way to keep the monitor arm symmetric
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