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Walmart Canada Sales and Clearance


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Wow. So what are you planning on doing with them?  Keep them for a while so the value goes up or do you plan on selling them right away?



​I've parted out 15, and sold 8 for $15 ea, not sure if i'm going to hold or just list and see if they sell

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Found some witchkings in-store at the $8 price & mixels series 2-4 at $2 off, wasn't gonna play this line, but once you put a couple of these little guys together it's easy to see how folks get hooked on em (...great, probably gonna hafta go back for some more asap)

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PC ordered the other day from WM has early 2014 seal codes. Box was beat to a pulp even though there's enough bubble packaging in there to last me another year. Must have been damaged before transit.

To make matters more interesting there was no shipping label included. Never tried a return w/o one, but we'll see how it goes.

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