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On 1/10/2021 at 1:39 PM, Mark Twain said:

Those look soaked as well as crushed, or is that just me? Contact customer support via phone if the chat function is still down. They'll likely send you a replacement of the HP GWP or offer you $20 in VIP points. You'll likely still be able to resell at a discount. 

thanks for the advise, I called them and they offered me some points.

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And the rich get richer. eBay auto refunded me when the item was marked as delivered, and the message came in just a few moments after the transaction went through.   ^^ I bet the FBI

And the circle is now complete. The entertainment factor has been stupendous.  

Dear, TRU.com, Thank you for deterring potential theives from taking the beat up sets you shipped me. ?

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I'm beginning to wonder if packing practices are to counter resellers.  I have been told several times - "Well you just throw the box away anyway, why does it matter?"  Thankfully, my kids were in the habit of cutting the cover off the box and I have used that as an example of why I need a decent box.

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12 minutes ago, eliminator said:

Straight from Lego. Box within a box. Nice.


Both of mine came this way as well. Was very impressed.  Even more so that the skating rink wasn't destroyed by them either.  

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Amazon box left out in the rain, looking incredibly soggy, expecting the worst.




Turns out it was a cake the entire time. Bezos... you tricky bastard.


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On 2/1/2021 at 4:32 PM, Darth_Raichu said:

Walmart continues to be the superstar of order packaging, replacing LEGO Shop at Home.  

Amazon refused to even use bubble mailers, opting to send my orders in plastic bags instead


kinda reminds me of the newpapers "delivery" boys on bikes back in the day...can you imagine them "delivering" Amazon bags? 

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I had some gift cards for Best Buy and the Mos Eisley set showed up in stock over a week ago so grabbed it. For whatever reason it did not have a ship to home option and only allowed it to be shipped to a store for pick up. It was finally available so I went to pick it up yesterday. Of course it was shipped to the store without an outer box so it had a big sticker on it that ripped the box if I tried to get it off and the box looked like someone played football with it. I returned it. 👎

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