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Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping including postage box sizes

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20 minutes ago, outatime said:

Hi Guys

Sold a bunch of Ecto1's on eBay, just shipping via ebay and getting costs of $16 to UT, AK and other states, I have  never sold much before but does this cost seem about normal?  Looking at the list of box sizes nothing really covers the size so I its chosen custom size.   Box size is about 2lb 4 x 8 x 13.  

Thank you

After getting burned a couple times with "Free Shipping" to Alaska, I excluded them and Hawaii from my buyer's list. I'm Midwest and most of my stuff goes to the coasts, so my costs are fairly predictable no matter which direction it goes. 

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Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping Many members have asked for a centralized place where they can go for shipping box information. I'm going to pin this post and update it as new in

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17 minutes ago, MotorCityMuscle said:

Thanks. Is the 10 depth give you just some added space for cushion or does it genuinely fit better? 

Measure that side, it wouldn't hurt to give you an extra 1/2" or so clearance/padding.

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I tried to order Coastwide Pro boxes on Staples, I can add to cart and check out fine. But it cancelled immediately. Anyone had the same problem?

Coastwide Professional™ 20" x 16" x 14", 200# Mullen Rated, Multi-Depth Shipping Boxes, 20/Bundle (CW57110)

Coastwide Professional™ 24" x 20" x 12", 200# Mullen Rated, Shipping Boxes, 10/Bundle (CW57152)

At this time we are not able to fulfill your order for the items listed below. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You have not been billed for the items and the pending credit authorization will be released within 3 to 7 business days or in accordance with the policies set out by your credit provider.

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