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What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

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yes, BC. I think it is easier and faster to list on craigslist too. but I might try posting some of my lego on kijiji tonight!

I`ve tried a couple small sets in the past and very little/no replies. Could have been the sets/size/price though. You`ve tempted me to give it a try again; has been a while :thumbsup: Honestly, I`ll sell on ebay regularly at some point in the future once the value of my inventory is higher, but if you/I/anyone else can sell locally and make the same profit margins, with no fees and no shipping hassle, then why not? 

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March 30, 2018. This is a date that will forever be remembered. I can get a little emotional at times. As an adult, there are a few instances when I've shed a tear. I cried when my son was born. I cri

Today I tried something different and set up a Lego booth at a local indoor flea market that is held three times per year. I advertised on local Facebook buy/sell groups for about a month leading up t

can't keep sand baseplates in stock on amazon  at $24.99 fba.  making me sick with greed.  next round is going for $29.99. remember when these were $5 (or less) everywhere...  good times. ev

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Several flip jobs on 3942s  :money:


I didn't realize that had retired already when we had a spare copy and gave it to my daughter's friend for her bday a month ago, oops! lol..oh well, she got a nice gift at least :)


Weekly sales keep trickling in, over the past two days I sold:


Apple Tree House - $70

Maersk Train - $240

Super Car 8070 - $200

Alien Conquest HQ - $100

Imperial Shuttle - $400

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This week I sold three more used star wars ships from a huge CL lot. I bought 41 Star Wars sets, new and used, almost 5 months ago. I have 7 left still, including the DS and SSD I'm keeping. Anyhoo, sad to see them go. Also sold 2 Orc Forges, a NIB Naboo Starfighter, some Hero Factory, a few parts and figs, and a graphic novel :)

Also, I had to open one unpaid item case, and I made 3 last-minute runs to the post office, one of which failed :(

And a reminder: the post office closes at noon wednesday and friday.

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Love it when I spend a little too much and my stuff sells on EBay the same day.  Sold an Architecture Studio for $220.


I also received my $40 Queen Anne's Revenge 100% complete in great condition.  This guy shipped it in some huge styrofoam shipping container and it cost him $27 via USPS.  Crazy...  I'm going to put it together, verify contents and flip it.

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