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71006 - The Simpsons House

Jeff Mack

The Simpsons House  

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  1. 1. What do you think about The Simpsons House?

    • Love it!
    • Could be better.
    • Hate it.
    • Don't care either way.
  2. 2. How do you feel about investment potential?

    • It's a winner!
    • It's okay.
    • It stinks.
  3. 3. Are you interested to see more sets for The Simpsons?

    • Yes, please!
    • No, thank you.
    • Couldn't care less.

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I just managed to order 2.  They are $399NZ ($330 US) for me, so not such a hot deal on the regional pricing, but no other real way to get them.  At least I made it of $300 easy for free shipping.


Will be building one and probably flipping the other to offset the cost somewhat.

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Guest TabbyBoy

I'm glad I ordered my 2 during the early hours as it looks like they're done already as my girlfriend couldn't place her order an hour ago.  After being stuck with 41999s that are now worth little over RRP, I'm listing these the second that they arrive for a 30-day BIN with sensible offers. ;-)  I'm thinking that VIPs may clear out the first wave before they go on general sale unless some have been out aside.


Experience has taught me to NEVER list until the item is actually in hand.

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Guest TabbyBoy

Just got 2 online and may be sending in reinforcements (i.e. my sister) to pick one or two up from a B&M store.  My first real experiment in flipping :)


What's a B&M store?

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Guest TabbyBoy

It looks good, just matter if ur simpson fan.


i can't stand the Simpsons and only ever watched the first minute of one episode,  However, I can see

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Guest TabbyBoy

Hmm strange. In Canada region. There's a limit of 5.but it ships by Feb. 1st. What are you guys shipping date?


Even with VIP account?  Lucky you, buy all 5 then asap,  I wish we could in the UK.  Mine shipped just now, ETA Monday 20JAN. ;-)

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