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9516 - Jabba's Palace


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I think $220 is a more accurate estimate. $300 is a bit high, IMO. It's hard to compare this set with the old Jabba's Palace or any number of old Lego sets.

I'm hoping for Star Wars fever around that time. There will be new SW LEGO sets but this one should be iconic from the OT. Plus, it's shelf life was cut short, hopefully limiting the supply in investors hands.

Time will tell. This is the most I'm invested in for a large, non-exclusive set so naturally I'm a little bullish.

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I am going to acquire some Rancor Pits but I unfortunately sold most of my Jabba's Palace sets for a nice profit when they were on a big sale.

The question that I have is does anyone think it is worth it to acquire more Jabba's Palace sets at $150 or should I move on to other sets.

What do we think the Palace top end price will be in 2 years?

Move on to other sets. Why spend $150 on a Jabba's Palace when you can buy a Grand Emporium, Haunted House or other exclusives in the same price range.

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Hi all,


There is a local shop in my city that carries all kinds of retired lego sets. One of them is Lego 9516 Jabba's Palace. I know this set is hard to find and has been steadily increasing in value since it was retired. The only issue is it is a full retail price and this place never has sales. So is this set a good investment even tho it is at full retail price. Do you think it will keep on increasing in value as time goes on? I was thinking of either buying it and selling it around x-mas or holding on to it for a while?



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For Canada that $149.99 buy in.  Buying at that price is going to mean you're going to need to hold for a while to make much money.  You'll have to remember that a lot of folks got this in the $80/90 range(in the US) and will be willing to sell in the $150 range to make some decent money and move on, stagnating the market where you bought in. I'm not saying don't buy it, just be aware that at that price point you'll need to hold for a bit to get the desired return back out of it.

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