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What do your displays/collections look like?


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For those displayed on open bookshelves, stands, etc. what do you guys do to keep the dust off of them?


I'm using a small air purifier next to the displays that seems to remove a decent amount of dust and then using a blush brush if I ever need to clean the actual pieces a little bit more thoroughly. I'll post pictures of my displays ASAP.

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Hello All - 


Here is a topic i have always wondered about, and would like to see how others store their sets.


so...what does your lego cave look like? - for now, i only have a mid sized closet, but with the prosper shelving, and good organization, everything can fit as well as a lot more in the future.


Heres Mine:






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Very nice! My Lego vault looks fairly anemic because we only keep about 25% for long term investing.


Now my Lego sort table looks like Dr. Frankenstein's chamber, with eviscerated bags and boxes, once proudly containing whole kits that I have mercilessly carved up for parts, awash in a sea of ziploc bags. It smells like plastic and despair.

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Mine is in a halfway state between organised and chaos,


These first photos show the storage shelves I put into a spare room (I quickly ran out of space). The shelves are from Costco here in Australia and are Wharfen brand or something like that. They cost about $80 each and very solid and sturdy and will last a million years.


This is part of my collection when we moved to our new house.



These are the Storage Shelves in the LEGO Room.



Some shots of them filled



Lots of boxes to be sorted.... need more shelving, and another room ...



More to be sorted, and room to be found



My LEGO building table (Ikea Galant Conference Table, height adjustable for standing to build at)



And more to come, when I get round to taking the photos.


Needless to say, I don't have a LEGO room anymore, I have a LEGO house..




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I just took a few more to show how much of a shi*fight it is currently.

Must get to Ikea and Costco to buy more shelving units.


I plan to use Ikea Expedit 8 cubes to store LEGO below and display built LEGO on top, and use about 6 of them around the walls of the upstairs rumpus. It will become the LEGO sanctuary with the building table in the middle.


The LEGO rumpus



The LEGO Room





Both need some serious sorting !!

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