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Nothing will pull me away. If the site goes down I will fix it after the movie. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker

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16 hours ago, Darth_Raichu said:

I saw the first 5 minutes of the theatrical cut and never finished it. :P This looks better: 


WOw..that 2 minute trailer was waaay better than the entire 2 hour movie...did they literally cut out ALL of the best parts?

that said...they seriously need to dub Will Arnett's batman voice over for batman. 

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This would have been perfect to post for Halloween but I only now came across it. Anyway, here is an animation inspired by the recently popular Among Us in a very John Carpenter's "The Thing" tone. Well more than what the game is anyway. A bit gruesome if you're squeamish.

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1 minute ago, fuzzy_bricks said:

It didn't say they were going to charge additional money, but I can't believe they wouldn't try to for some of those releases.  Heck Disney tried to get more money out of Mulan.

I haven't heard of any premium upcharges yet, at least not for Wonder Woman '84

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