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38 minutes ago, JonathanTB said:

i tried out Bricksie for a few videos, but he really annoys me for some reason.  I know his story and how he started, but he just seems like a spoiled little brat.  just bugs me lol


I'm conflicted occasionally his content intrigues me (building alternate build, his city ideas or various things such as the link I shared about investing) BUT...

Scale of 1-10. 10 being the most annoying or arrogant. 

7 Bricksie 

10 BricQFoundations & MandRproductions

Just my opinion and I know others like MandR

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On 10/28/2021 at 12:48 PM, Bricklectic said:

I think danibob is underrated. I like that she is grounded and doesnt have the sugary exuberance of some other channels  (I totally get that they do it to get clicks but the enthusiasm is just fake to me, are they really that excited)



I thought this was funny when you posted but wasn't familiar with danibob. Did stumble onto one of her videos recently and agree. I haven't checked out her channel to see what it primarily consists of but so far she isn't annoying like others and I'll check out more videos. 

Thanks for recommending 

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