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for some reason I thought these would be bigger, but they are essentially BHz core w/ extensive detailing (based on pictures)...it was irrational to think they were bigger since the exposed studs infer a definite scale...I guess that's how marketing gets us.

That said, price point seems about 30% too high for essentially UCS Brickheadz


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a Typical $10 Brickheadz is between 120-150 pieces.  $15 for around 180 pieces.  These sets have around 650 pieces.  So if they're glorified brickheadz, then they should be about $40. 

Unfortunately, Vader Bust which only had 327 pieces (but was a limited edition) also sold for $40.  So based upon the Vader Bust price, these sets will end up selling for $80.... *sigh*  That is outrageous for a head that is basically the same dimensions as the Vader Bust.  I see your point about these being a glorified brickheadz.  Sad.  I was looking forward to the Boba Fett head but I'll be waiting for a sale at that price.

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75274 is apparently a TIE Fighter Pilot bust (to join the Boba Fett and Stormtrooper busts that are already known).

If that's true, that leaves at least one more possible bust to complete the series, that being 75275.  Stormtrooper 75276 and Boba Fett 75277.  75278 is D-O so that's probably where the 'bust line' stops :)

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For the TIE Fighter Pilot, are those train wheels making up the hoses going to the mask?  That's clever, I wonder what piece is used to connect them.

I was wondering how they did that too.

I wish they snotted the sides of the helmet too, not just the front. It looks... incomplete from the side.

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