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If you're stuck for places to put her, she'll fit nicely in the Parisian restaurant kitchen by the sink



I was thinking she could be the second wife in Family house, always need more hands around a house my grandpappy did said he did.

haha, not quite what I was aiming for but thanks for the good laugh. I think anyone, male or female, in the research field will want these. But if the goal of this line is for a new fan base I doubt its effectiveness. Chances are, the ones that have pocket protectors and laugh at mathematical puns probably already play legos.

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I hear you, but keep in mind this set still garnered 10,000 fan votes, a pretty good indication that people like the set.  I don't consider TLG selecting any set that garners this many votes as pandering - all of those votes prove a significant group of Lego fans want it.

Good point, but when they said they were going to continue to review this set, I knew it was getting made.  If this set centered around male scientists would it have garnered the votes?  I don't think it would have, but if it did I don't think it would have been held over and eventually selected which is why I think this is a PC choice.

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Nothing wrong with it, it's a cute set, but it's nothing special, and as a female-type I will say that forced feminism makes me feel like somebody's unwanted quota. Does the next one feature an office scene with all African Americans? ("Look kids, I know nobody knew this, but women CAN be scientists! And people of color can work in office jobs! Who knew?!")


It just seems strange that this is the design they decided was "best" this time around.


Maybe they want in on some of that meth lab LEGO market and this is how they decided they could do it. :D

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I'm sure lego will make a great set and with a $19.99 it will make for a inexpensive set in the lego ideas line. As regards to the female orientation, it is true that females are not 1:1 with males but hey, maybe they're trying to go with a more diversified market. And think more AFOLs = more money :D

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The old style Japanese Architecture looked much more impressive really.


Yeah I was rooting for that too. But honestly, that set needs to be at least a Creator EXPERT which obviously won't be produced as IDEAS. However I am still convinced that the Sandcrawler UCS was made because of the expressed demand on CUUSOO, that's also why they labeled it officially as UCS. We will see a large Asian building eventually, I am pretty sure of that, it is a nice theme that fits LEGO.

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I don't mind Lego women in my sets. But this doesn't look that impressive in general.


I don't agree they did this for money issues - They certainly would make more money off a popular show license or not.


More this was probably about licensing, or something of that nature. Possibly the political issues with it but I kind of doubt it.

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I will say this is a nice departure for the CUUSOO/Ideas line, with an offering at a $20 price point instead of the typical $35-50. I will be keeping an eye on:

1. Whether it's a limited production run and

2. How quickly they seem to sell

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Let's take a moment here. Did we think any of these had more than a snowball's chance before the video?

Macross is super awesome but the lengths for Lego in trying to acquire the license would have been a real chore and it is more known to grownup anime fans. Many people including kids would simply see a kickass transforming robot but unfortunately the project was probably doomed from the start due to the source material.

Legend of Zelda, the prior two related projects were rejected so this really should not have been a surprise even though third time usually is the charm. Adventure Time, I don

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Here's what I think will happen on the next LEGO review (Warning!  Speculation!):


Modular Apple Store - It's okay, but in my opinion, this is the worst of the bunch.  Plus, the price would probably to be too high for a LEGO Ideas set.  Dr. Who is better.


BTTF Jules Verne Train - This is a possibility, but because they have already made one project based on BTTF, and because the UCS Delorean did not pass, I don't think this train will pass the review either. 


The Big Bang Theory - A possibility, yet I cannot see LEGO making a set that is just a living room with minifigures and gadgets in it.


Dr. Who (both projects) - I think that at least one of these will pass the review.  Most likely GlenBricker's, because his got to 10,000 first.


LEGO Bird Project - I think that TLG will either still consider making this as a set in the next LEGO review or decide not to make it - it's hard to know.



I know that it's still a bit early, but I couldn't help but think ahead about getting one of these sets in the next review.

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Here are my quick responses on the next review phase.

Modular Apple Store - Nope, expensive license if even acquirable to begin with

BTTF Train - Maybe, 30/70 chance

Big Bang Theory - Nope, basically a bunch of figs stuck in a room

Dr. Who - Maybe, I hope so

Birds - 20/80 chance, original but kids don't want to play with a bird

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Whoa. I didn't even talk to my wife about this new set, I didn't even mention it. And what did I get today? The request to buy this set as soon as it is out! And it's me that is into Lego, not her usually. I guess it does have some appeal, just not so much to me.

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  • 5 months later...

LEGO Ideas #009 and #010 have been announced.  I'm a little underwhelmed, but there weren't any finalists that really interested me, anyway.



by jaisonline


The winners are...




BTW, both Dr Who sets are sill being considered so we might get 1 of them.

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Updated to include pics
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