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LEGO Ideas Results


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Star Wars - check

Indiana Jones - check

Back to the Future - check

Ghostbusters - check

Now I just need the Orca from Jaws, maybe Rocky training in Russia, and all my childhood favorites are complete.


OMG Jaws would be incredible... So would Rocky.


We must be similar in age.....add in the Pirate ship from Goonies and E.T and Elliott minifigs and I'd be a happy camper.


Almost certain I am not similar to either of you all. But I think I am a "classic guy" at heart. My favorite band is Led Zeppelin and I love all the movies Mos just named.

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LEGO has just officially announced that the next LEGO Ideas product is going to be the Female Minifigure Set.  It will retail for 19.99 and will be named the 21110 Research Institute.  Read more here.



I am extremely disappointed that the Sherlock project did not pass the review.  I think that a huge factor in this becoming the next set is that if the did not choose it, then they would get lots of nasty feedback.  Plus, this one does not have a license, so it makes more profit for them.  I don't have anything against this becoming a set, yet I would have enjoyed the Sherlock project more.  What are your thoughts on this bit of news?

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