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I love Jell-O. Not the kind they serve in a hospital :wacko: but the good stuff you make at home. :nyam:

Yes, but what about... GIGA PUDDING!


I bought some Brownie Brittle from Costco and loving it

WHOOHOO COSTCO SALE ON SUGAR FOODS. I'm on my second bag in less than a month. No one else has gotten a chance to eat it because it sits in my room all the time. I'm thinking I should move it out of here soon...nah. *munch*
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Look at what my 3 year old son did this morning early when he woke up:      

My 8 yo son has been playing ice hockey for almost 4 years now and loves it. He was doing really good and then COVID hit and obviously he took a few steps backward. Our regular rink went out of busi

I love my view right now

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don't you have to be a drugie to be into that? Talk to me bro talk to me.

It wouldn't hurt to be a little high when watching certain parts of the movie I'll admit but it is an interesting story told with minimalistic dialogue and full of symbolic imagery as a fantastic soundtrack plays in the background about a boy growing up and how events cause types of mental 'walls' to be built by them. You may not fully understand everything from the first viewing but afterwards when given a chance to settle in thy mind for contemplation, more of it becomes even clearer.

Aside from the classic "Another Brick in the Wall" parts, my favorites are "Empty Spaces" (<--some naughty visuals at the beginning & end) and "Hammer March". The music used in the film are similar yet different from the original album which I thought was neat.

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So that's how you got your LEGO "stash".  :thumbsup:

Surprisingly no, I tried not to buy much there for resale. Its very easy to police ones own employees and I didn't want to get busted as a reseller, it could be grounds for termination. Not saying I wouldn't pick up good deals that may have popped up, just that I was smart with my purchasing so as to not draw attention.

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There are pumpkin spice M&Ms?!?

OMG - they are real.

Yeah I saw them today while waiting forever in target line. They also had candy corn flavored ones but I find candy corn to taste [bad] Edited by jaisonline
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