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Look at what my 3 year old son did this morning early when he woke up:      

My 8 yo son has been playing ice hockey for almost 4 years now and loves it. He was doing really good and then COVID hit and obviously he took a few steps backward. Our regular rink went out of busi

I love my view right now

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

having the peter pan syndrome.  gaining life experience is great but not growing up is even better.  the day I no longer enjoy cartoons or don't want to play, you can stick me in a box in the ground I'm done

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As someone else pointed out in a different thread...

Conditioned like Pavlov's dogs. That cha-ching sound the eBay app makes each sale. Rush of excitement every time.

We took my wife to the hospital thinking her water broke (were expecting next month) and the cha-ching went off while we were in the exam room! I of course had to check it! Hahahaha she shot me a look that could kill

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I love finding my long lost box cutter (in one of my amazon boxes :D) just when I needed something to cut down some of the old and worn boxes :D


And in the interest of wasting everyone's time, I couldn't believe no one had mentioned this on a "I love it" thread


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I love getting a shiny new Lego set in the mail that's for my collection.  When investment sets come in, it just means more work to inventory and store it.  Sets for my collection make me feel like a kid on christmas.


I love bringing an expensive Lego set up to the checkout and having the cashier say "nice job man" after processing all of my reward points and coupons to get it dirt cheap.  Kmart and TRU are the most fulfilling since you really have to pay attention to what coupons you use and how to apply them to get the largest discount.


I love my newborn son, I know it's cliched but there really isn't any feeling quite like it.


I love that my wife and family are just as geeky as I am.

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