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Star Wars Microfighters


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I would really appreciate some advice from folk that are successfully selling S1 Microfighters.

In particular, what works best when selling on Ebay - bundling or selling them individually? If you don´t make a full lot of 6, which items sell best bundled together?

I only have the 4 OT sets and from what I can see, ISD an TIE are the most common and X Wing and MF the rarest so it would seem to make sense to make a 4 pack or  pair1 good with 1 bad. Any thoughts?

Does bundling S2 sets with S1 make any sense at this time? What about with larger sets e.g. 1 75032 with 1 9493?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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The point is whether to wait or not? Now could be a good time to sell S1 with film hype and Xmas as they make great gifts on a budget - however perhaps it is too soon and they will continue to appreciate as the series expands and hooks those that missed out on the 1st batch i.e Mixels.

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I have 3 complete sets of S1 left--bought them all at ~50% off RPP. Last year, I was getting over $100 before retirement, but there's several selling in the $80-90 range on eBay this week. 

I don't think the MF is the most rare, just most popular. It was everywhere on shelves last year while others were not--and by everywhere, I mean drug stores, groceries, etc. as well as toy shops and big box stores. 

I'm going to let the competition thin a bit and see what I can get closer to Christmas. 

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6 minutes ago, Achilles said:

Only one avail from the newest wave at Shoplego US is the Snowspeeder - Are the other ones going to be released Stateside, or is this going to be like Planets series 3?


Considering that apart from all of those Microfighters being absent, more than half of the Star Wars winter wave is also missing. It's probably not a limited release thing. There's no indication that Microfighters are ending with this wave. Isn't it usually the final wave that gets poor distribution?

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The microfighters have surprised some investors (I'm glad with my "hero pack", MF and xwing in lot ^^).

Serie 1 was ok as an investement, because surprisingly a serie 2 came, and now it's serie 3.

Serie 1 of the microfighters has doubled in value (great when you consider you could easily get some with 30% off), I don't know where serie 2 will climb but I would not invest in serie 3.

I would like to compare these sets with the mixels: the first sets released are winners, the other waves are the reason why serie 1 became popular but I don't feel like the serie 3 (and up) are worth to be invested in (IMHO) unless you want to keep them some years (meh).

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