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Star Wars Microfighters


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Ghost will be cash money.   maybe wookie gunship and resistance, but the others (TF, FO Snowspeeder, walker) are crappy imo.  still these 3 in 1 packs seem to command a slight premium and since it has its own UPC should be a kosher way of selling a bundle on amazon.  i wonder how long this series will continue for.


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Has anyone ever opened one of these 3 in 1 boxes? I'm sitting on some Series Two 3 in 1s from Costco last year.... is it 3 microfigher boxes packed inside the long box, or is it loose bags of parts? Just wondering if one can part out the individual ships from these 3 in 1s? 

Haven't seen any at Costco in Canada yet. Saw some Juniors Race Car Rallys 10673 at 30% off [edit: last Saturday], grabbed a couple for diversity. 

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What will TLG do with the microfighters next year? When series 3 was released, there were six new microfighters, but the at-at and snowspeeder from series 2 were still produced as well (the other four sets from series 2 were retired).

So now we've heard that series 4 is only going to have four new microfighters, do you guys think they will keep two from series 3 in production? If so which ones? It's likely going to be a "pair", as all the microfighters are marketed in pairs:

  • x-wing + first order snowspeeder
  • at-dp + wookie gunship
  • ghost + tie advanced

The at-at and snowspeeder were also a "pair".

Or perhaps they will even keep four or six in production?

I personally think that the ghost and x-wing are most likely to stay, but they are not a pair so perhaps they will keep four in production and only retire the at-dp + wookie gunship.

What do you guys think?

As a reminder, this is the rumored lineup for series 4:

  • U-wing
  • TIE striker
  • Y-Wing
  • Krennic's Shuttle

Two things to note: there are no Rebels microfighters and there is another TIE variant coming out.

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Now that the microfighters are all known and available I though I'd update this thread with the available information as it's probably a bit overkill to make a seperate thread for every individual microfighter.

Jang has made reviews for all of them as well (click on titles).

75160: U-wing


75161: TIE Striker


75162: Y-wing


75163: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle


Personally, I'm really digging the minifigures, especially the rebel pilots.


Their helmets are amazingly detailed.


Only thing I don't like is how they still use a print on the face for one of the visors (in this case the Y-Wing Pilot).

The TIE Striker and Krennic's shuttle are okay, though I think the TIE Striker is just a step down from the TIE Advanced and Krennic's Shuttle looks a little bland.

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