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10211 - Grand Emporium


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Got 16 going for 30, as usual there will be guys that wait to the last minute and have no money and will miss out on this one just like the Fire Brigade, buy one or so a month instead spending hundreds or more on $20 clearance sets if you don't no what you are buying. With the GE,TB,HH, etc you will make good money.

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I have 4 for investment at this point going for 10 minimum. I'm buying at least one a month regardless of discount (which don't exist anymore). I'm also mixing in some Pet Shops to try to get ahead of the game. If it doesn't retire until the end of the year I should have 15+ but I just have a feeling it's going to retire this summer?


I think the Modulars are no brainers along with large scale models, Seasonal(Winter Village) etc... I believe unless you have unlimited funds there are to many large sets to own(for the collector) or really to invest in for the reseller. I think this bodes well for most investors its a natural limiting factor for the average collector or investor where in sets retire before they have obtained them. At this time LEGO has(and has had recently) so many good large sets($100+) to invest in it diversifies the pool of investors which is why I believe the FB is doing well. Even for those that didn't invest in the FB they may have just put those funds towards another winner. 


At this time I just can't imagine someone investing and losing unless all they are buying are $5-$25 sets and even then they might make money in 5-7 years. 


Now fast flipping is a whole other thing. For the most part I'm on a 2-3 year cycle from retirement to sale. I won't be selling my FB's for another 2-3 more years. After your in that cycle is where you make much bigger $ with much less work. I just don't have the time or interest to make 5-10-20 $ a set, I realize that it works for some but I make to much at my regular job for such a low return on my time.


Wow...I rambled oh well just my 2cents  :yawn: Nothing ground breaking or unique  :nea:

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I m planing to buy at least 10 of these as we have all seen the increase seen in fire brigade( i had only 3) the question is GE is only available at retail price how to get best possible price?

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I think the best place to get these sets is from Lego with VIP points. That is the best discount for now that I know of.

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I would love that.  Picked up 5 yesterday.  Shooting for 20.


I also got a few in storage.

But this one has been long around.

I think it will take at least a year before we'll see some decent profits.

The same thing goes for the 10188 Death Star.

5 years already... outrageous!

Told him that too.

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What I found odd is the guide price of the pet shop which has been available vs. the grand emporium.  We will see on the next update what the trends look like but that did not make sense to me.    I will be done with my Grand Emporium accumulation shortly.  I am debating my 20 threshold or lowering it to 15.  I am not expecting to sell any of these sets until 2 years or so after retirement.  I figure for most of the stuff we have and will see reitre by june of this year most folks will try and cash in this Christmas.  That being said the two year mark seems to be when supply will have dwindled a bit and prices stabilize and move up.  I am hoping that in 4-5 years I will be out of most of the positions that I am currently in and a very happy camper.

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I have been thinking that myself. Town Hall is higher priced and doesn't appear to be as desirable. It may follow suit like the B-Wing did since it wasn't selling as well either. I say just EOL all the old mods and give us new ones. LOL

I know not to put any stock in LEGO employees, but I was told by a store manager that they are not getting any more in after they have sold through what they have. I really want to take a picture of their remaining stock and then go back in two months to show them that they have no clue what they are talking about when there is a shelf full. Still not stopping me from picking up one here and there.

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