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60022 - Cargo Terminal

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Need some advise please.  This is a set that 4 of the kids on my list want.  Does anyone think the price will be reduced before Christmas (other than then 2 or 3 bucks from Amazon)?  Does anyone think it will be unavailable by Christmas?  Any advise would be appreciated.

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You'll definitely be wanting to offload your Lego by the time you hit college. After all you won't be getting your LEGOver with a room full of bricks.

This is the worst time of year to sell/check prices. Everything takes a dip after Christmas.   

couldn't help myself...just bought another dozen of these.

Walmart.com currently has it for $90.15 and that's the lowest price I've seen recently. It's hard to predict if the price will be much lower than that. It'd be purely speculation, I think. As for the supply, there seems to be amble inventory in stock from what I have seen in the various stores (Target, Walmart, and LEGO). 

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Barnes & Nobel is running BOGO 50% off this weekend so if you are looking to pick up a couple then it comes out to be $79.65/set including 6.25% sales tax.

Thanks great idea.  I will go shopping now!!

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I bought four of these in mint condition at 30 bucks at a lower economic area walmart. I flipped 3 at around 90 bucks and am keeping the fourth for long term

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I just picked up two and was considering adding a cargo truck to each to push the price to $90 but now I don't know if I even have too. 

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