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60022 - Cargo Terminal

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You'll definitely be wanting to offload your Lego by the time you hit college. After all you won't be getting your LEGOver with a room full of bricks.

This is the worst time of year to sell/check prices. Everything takes a dip after Christmas.   

couldn't help myself...just bought another dozen of these.

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I'm having a feeling that this will retire this year. Started stocking some up just in case.


This is pretty much retired already, sold out almost everywhere and on the retirement list sroster posted awhile back from a Merlin store...if you can find any under msrp still, might not be a bad buy.

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Thanks for the heads up, I got a price match on mine. Either this is the last run or people are gonna be in trouble.

Toys R Us have price matched in the UK. There are only a handful of retailers still stocking the Cargo Plane, it's sold out at Lego and I believe this is as good as on its last legs. This could well be pulling in prices around

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And I thought I bought many... 5 :mda:

Well... I guess it is boss over boss.

In fairness the Sold Out status at TLG took most of us by surprise. I know you'd have had many more if it was sticking around till the end of next year. I think most predict this set to do quite well following the previous success of Lego planes. This one is a balls deep venture, don't see much risk here.

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