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2014 - Set List

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I also didn't see the 4x4 Crawler.  Is it being replaced with the yellow construction vehicle?

There is 1 lego new lego technic at 199/249$ each year.

2011: 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400 (retired)

2012: 9398 4x4 Crawler (retired soon)

2013: 42009 Mobile Crane MK II (on shelves)

2014: Three more lego tecnics are coming this year, 42028 (bulldozer, about 60$), 42029 (pick-up, about 80$) and 42030 (Volvo wheel loader, about 199/249$, coming this summer).

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Here's a Christmas related item coming out later in the year. With the way how the Series 8 Santa keeps being re-released in every City Advent Calendar so far, it's a wonder how it maintains a decent value of around $10 on Bricklink. One of these days you would think it hits rock-bottom from all these re-releases despite being jolly old Saint Nick.



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That Christmas one is rather disappointing... I really like the Halloween one, though. And I am getting kind of sick of the Santa Claus minifigures.

It feels like the Birthday set except here is Santa in place of the clown and there has been a lot of Santas lately it seems. A change of pace would be nice but looking at how well the design was captured, I don't know what could be improved or made different other than maybe making a "Santas across the globe" exclusive where each minifigure is designed after his interpretation through various parts of the world.
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