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71042 - Silent Mary


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1 minute ago, buidee said:

I'm a ship collector so I cannot wait.  I was hoping they do not remake the Black Pearl or Queen Anne.  If its a totally different ship, then both BP and QAR prices will rise even further.

Buidee, Are you missing anything in your collection?  I have most ships dating back to the original 1989 Black Seas Barracuda..most with duplicates.  I really enjoy building them.

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Guest TabbyBoy
36 minutes ago, Val-E said:

Hey, Seacow was the strongest performing retired set of 2015 in some US states during a couple of weeks in 2016

That's the problem, the values of superb sets now seem to fall after the post-EOL boost. As I said before, the days of holding are over.

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