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75060 - UCS: Slave I


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I am really stoked that it comes with a placard - sweet! I don't think the Sandcrawler did, did it?

I will be getting this too, and hopefully with one of the XMas promos. Is there a release date yet?

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Nope No Placard on the UCS Sandcrawler.


This will be a nice addition to my collection.

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It has been revealed! and boy is it gorgeous!




More info and fotos at: http://brickset.com/article/12209

Set will most likely be a $250 set, hope it will have a big box. I like big boxes.


What do you guys think of the set? Time to unload 8097 to start with :P


It's a thing of beauty, that's for sure.


I was thinking the same thing about 8097.  I picked up an 8097 earlier this year in a bulk lot.  It was only missing a few pieces (and minifigs).  I'm waiting on 4 more pieces to arrive this week so I can finish it up.  It definitely gets to the top of the list for putting together and then selling off.

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Decision making time. A good % of 10123 Cloud City's current value is due to it's Boba Fett. I believe only Leia and Lando are exclusives now w/o refreshes or can be made from other minifig parts.


By the way, yet another set Ed named before other people.


update : luke's legs are still exclusive to this set.  at least 10123's fett's arms are still unique (not reused with this set).

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