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75060 - UCS: Slave I


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Rumor has it that Lego will be releasing a UCS Slave 1 in 2014. (Eurobricks, BrickFan, etc). 


I for one am literally thrilled if this is so. 


Slave 1 is my favorite of the iconic ships in Star Wars, and it hosts the two best bounty hunters ever. I'm sure I'll acquire over twenty of these if its really going to be released. Speculation says around May 4th promotion again. 


Anyone else excited? Or would people have rather seen a different UCS model?



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I'm also hoping the price point on this will be higher, so at to be a larger and more intricate set. I don't want this to be a 99.99 UCS set... but we do kind of need one of those in the line up :/


Considering the last Slave I (8097) was 573 pieces and $79.99... I highly doubt it's going to be a $99.99 set.

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I hope I have to eat crow, but I don't believe Lego could ever produce an authentic Slave 1 that is both enjoyable to build and display.





Slave 1 is old; it is rugged; it is blemished.  The colors are dull and bleed.  The shape is organic and it feels intentional.





Lego bricks look too new.  The colors are too vibrant and the contrast is too high with the other colors of the exposed bricks. Some of the curves look great, but the outlying pieces look forced and brittle. It's too shiny and looks like someone tried to build a vacuum cleaner from components that were not meant to be together.  If you look at the difference of the rounded green pieces:  the Lego pieces look like the wheel wells of a new car or plastic toy while the true ship's parts look like a battered A1 Abrams tank.  I don't think Lego is going to make the grade here.


I know this is not the UCS ship, but they will most likely have similar coloring and the same problems with connecting limbs with Technique rods or worse.  Maybe they can use stickers to help with the coloring, but I think that will be terrible.  


My only hope is some uniquely colored bricks and some highly costumed bricks to make the shape of the ship true to its original form.  

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I have already said that I am stoked about this set, but I would want the set to be at least 2,000 pieces. I really do not want another small UCS set like the Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter UCS.

They make more money off the sets with less pieces because these are KIDS buying the LEGO's. Kids have a limited amount of money. Most of us are the only older ones who collect LEGO's.

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