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75060 - UCS: Slave I


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Don't call me Shirley.  An experienced LEGO investor and collector could surmise that the SSD will retire with the new UCS Sandcrawler and Slave 1, but you never can tell.  


Actually I am with you on this.  Not calling you Shirley that is. :)

I almost wrote Shirley to open the sentence rather than surely!  How strange.


Yes I agree completely, I do think the SSD is going away, will be gone before the new movie and the Slave 1 helps seal that deal even closer.  I tend to see my sarcasm goes so under the radar most people don't detect it!  I'll work on it being more obvious.


But someone had to bring up the SSD related to this. VBG.




By the way, I don't know if anyone has seen the pictures of the leaked Star Wars Episode VII Millennium Falcon being rebuilt on tmz.  A new UCS Falcon from all that speculation released in time next year for the new movie would go perfectly together.  May not happen, but just saying...

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