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10221 - UCS: Super Star Destroyer

Jeff Mack


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  1. 1. How many sealed SSD's do you have

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4-5
    • 6-10
    • more than 10
    • I'm Emazers and I built a replica SSD out of sealed SSDs.

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I love it. Bought 2, one to build, one to invest. It usually retails here for $799 (that's $640 US - yes we get ripped off on price!) and I got them for 30% off.

Yeah I also noticed that in Australia lego sets cost almost double than that in the us. If your custom duties aren't too bad you might consider ordering legos from the US.

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Already have Imperial Shuttle :) Got it from TRU as well, but that was weeks ago. I'm surprised at how many were scoring Imperial Shuttles with TRU hiding it in the back. I don't mind scoring some more Imperial Shuttles, though. I should try going to TRU tmw and asking what they have in the back.. hopefully they got some SSDs too.

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Funny things, these SW UCS. One minute they are in stock, and one minute they are "restocking" or "waiting to receive another shipment". TRU always tends to have sets that have EOLed a while ago, mainly because they just store them in the back, and because who wants to buy from Ripoffs R' Us?

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At my local Lego store, the employees stated the SSD is being discontinued. They said they have 7 in stock and won't be getting any more. The lego website still shows having them available. Anyone know if it's retirement time for this set, and if so, should we be rushing out to buy one if we don't have one already?

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I haven't heard any retirement talk about this set, I also haven't heard anyone on this site rushing out to get one. You do know that your LEGO store employees have no idea when a set is going to EOL right?

I agree. Though on occasion, TLG will discontinue a set at a random point it time, but alot of times they do this during great promotions, the summer releases, and winter releases. For example the Clone Turbo Tank (8089?) was discontinued during the "May the Fourth Be With You" Promotion with the exclusive chrome minifig arriving with orders over $75. Sure, its possible, but I doubt that your Lego employee has any idea about any EOLing. The Death Star was supposed to EOL during the summer wave last year according to misled employees. I will keep this in mind, but am not going to rush out and buy some at the moment.

Yay! 300 comments/posts!

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