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This is my observation as well.  First folks complain about posting Meijer deals in the DD, since the store is so regional and not many have access to them.  Then a few Meijer buyers get some great deals on Mixels and they've tainted the market?  I don't really think it will effect the market to a great degree and you will be surprised.  Although, I'm sure the buyers holding at $0.50 - $2.00 a Mixel feel pretty good about their positions.

I was just about to say despite the incredible deals people have found at Meijer that unless the majority of investors/collectors/buyers live in Michigan, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I can still find and did the other day series 3 of Mixels but at retail. Demand for the first two series somewhat reflect the Minifigures in a way where only so much stock was produced plus being very popular. Now that series four is close to release, things are reaching that state of 'normalcy' with adequate reserves available and people not quite crazy about them now as before.

With that said, Meijer is a great store for those lucky to have one nearby but any find there mainly affects the persons who bought said discounted items.

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$4 each is $36 a set, a little more depending on tax. They all fit in a $6 flat rate padded USPS envelope. So $42-$45 cost out the door. Even at $60 you will clear $10 after fees. I can complet

  My son likes them and has all of series 1-3.  He has opened most of them but not all.  The other day I told him that he could get $100 if he sold just the red, yellow and black guys.  He

SERIES 5     SERIES 6    

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I had that happen to me, as a seller, with a set of Mixels.  I set up a BIN at $999.99 so that a particular buy could buy it.  It did set it up with a "Best Offer", and he was supposed to offer up the "regular" list price I had.  (We were doing an overnight shipping, and he was paying for the shipping above and beyond my normal "free shipping" option).


For whatever reason, he didn't do the Best Offer, and instead, did the BIN at that full price, and paid me!  I was a little shocked when I woke up that morning expecting ~$120, and instead had ~$1000 more in Paypal.


I quickly refunded his money.  He's lucky I'm an honest guy.  Someone else might have just disappeared with his funds.


The sale did show up as a $999.99 sale in search, though.

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That construction mixel is awesome. Reminds me of countless superintendents I've worked with over the years. That will be going on my desk.

The construction mixels will also be added to my inventory in large quantities...

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Price for a complete set 1 listing at $55, next lowest is $70-$80. I'm guessing another 48 hours to flip these (I sold 10+ sets)

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I agree I sold my series 4 for about $63 shipped and got out.

I also have sold all my series 2.

I am down to some remnants and to move and then I am out unless I find some series 1.

I might consider getting series 4 on a major sale or later in its life cycle but I wanted out.

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UCS + SW and you should do fine, new versions both help and hurt old versions so no need to panic either way

BTW I just ordered a red 5 from LEGO Shop at Home with my mixel earnings

Flip em while you can!!

If back order doesn't come through I get a demolition driller free!!!!!

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