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Number of sets per original LEGO shipping carton or case

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I don't know if here is a thread for this already, but I was looking for an answer for a certain set (70809) Lord Business Evil Lair how many of them are in a LEGO shipping box.
I think this would be helpful to have a thread where people can post for each set, as the amount of items that I have received damaged is huge, usually if you buy a single set in the UK (Not Lego S&****) they send it in bubble wrap (if you're lucky) in a plastic bag, but i have found if you buy the quantity of a shipping box they usually just ship it in that box and it protects the items better.



Set Counts per LEGO Shipping Carton:

Set #Set NameUnits per box
3185Summer Riding Camp2
4184Black Pearl3
4195Queen Anne's Revenge3
4529Iron Man6
6858Catwoman Catcycle City Chase8
6860The Batcave3
6862Superman vs. Power Armor Lex3
7888The Tumbler: Joker's Ice Cream Surprise2
7937Train Station3
7938Passenger Train3
7965Millennium Falcon2
93984x4 Crawler2
9449Ultra Sonic Raider3
9468Vampyre Castle2
9474The Battle of Helm's Deep2
9516Jabba's Palace3
10179UCS Millennium Falcon1
10188Death Star1
10193Medieval Market Village3
10197Fire Brigade2
10211Grand Emporium2
10214Tower Bridge2
10218Pet Shop2
10219Maersk Train3
10220Volkswagen T1 Camper Van4
10221Super Star Destroyer2
10224Town Hall2
10226Sopwith Camel3
10228Haunted house2
10229Winter Village Cottage3 or 4?
10232Palace Cinema2
10233Horizon Express2
10234Sydney Opera House1
10235Winter Village Market3
10236Ewok Village2
10241Maersk Line Triple-E2
10242MINI Cooper MK VII2
10243Parisian Café2
10245Santa's Workshop3
10246Detective's Office2
10937Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout2
21006White house3
21017Imperial Hotel3
21050Architecture Studio1
21103The DeLorean Time Machine3
21104Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover3
21108Ghostbusters ECTO-13
21110Research Institute5
41015Dolphin Cruiser2
41062Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle4
419994x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition3
42008Service Truck2
42009Mobile Crane MK II2
60025Grand Prix Truck3
60043Prisoner Transport3
66405Trains Super Pack 4 in 12
70012Razar's CHI Raider4
70803Cloud Cuckoo Palace4
70810MetalBeard's Sea Cow2
71006Simpsons House2
75005Rancor Pit3
75052Mos Eisley Cantina4
75060UCS Slave I2
76000Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze6
76001The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase5
76012Batman: The Riddler Chase3
76013Batman: The Joker Steam Roller2
76018Hulk Lab Smash3
79003An Unexpected Gathering3
79008Pirate ship Ambush4
79014Dol Guldur Battle3
79108Stagecoach Escape3
79111Constitution Train Chase2
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Okay, I did not order this set from Lego myself but one time at Walmart as some of the shelves were being stocked, I found a shipping box on the floor for Razar's Chi Raider perfectly filled with four of the set. I guess any other set sharing the same box dimensions would be about the same.

70012 - Razar's CHI Raider = 4

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Thanks for all the replies so far guys, make sure you include the set number too and full name of it if you can and we can make a table out of it

E.*** bold arrow, which set are you referring to as 'AS'

Many Thanks

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The shipping cartons don't vary be retailer. It's possible there are some differences by region (Europe vs USA), but I doubt it. Sets that are the same size box have the same case counts. Helm's Deep, Vampire Castle, Malevolence, etc. are all 2 per case. Camper, Sopwith, etc. are 3 per case.

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Nice thread.  I don't suppose we could convince Tom J to put all these in order in his first post for easy reference, could we?


You can't edit a post after 30mins.  I said I'd put together a table from the responses and edit it into Tom J's post, should be able to do it later today.

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Guest TabbyBoy

It varies as I've had VW Campers from Lego in 5's, 10's and separate. Also Malevolences from Asda in 2's and 4's. Larger sets like R2-D2 and Simpsons House have always been in 2's. It's pot luck I'm afraid. If you ever buy from Argos, it'll be separates in a bin liner!

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