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Number of sets per original LEGO shipping carton or case

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Following list is valid for EU distribution:   Set number Theme Age Release date "Case pack" sets per SH box  

2020 is truly an effed up year

OK, I have created a table and added it to Tom J's original post.  It's sorted by set number.   Keep posting more and I'll update the table at regular intervals.

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Anyone know how many 21108 Ghostbuster Ecto-1s per case?  


Which retailer ship in original Lego boxes other than TLG?

Sometimes walmart will ship you sets in a case if you order the exact number that is in a case for in store pick up.
Works well for me because I can do in store pick up in nearby tax free  NH and for small sets like these, I've never had any damage issues.
I've also received sets in lego cases from TRU (MF and VC) and warnerbros.com (Tumblers).
Getting a set in a lego case makes it easier to store.  Not sure if there is any value to this though from a $ point of view.
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I was wondering if lego always sends to toyrus or walmart etc big lego box like modular or UCS in par of 2. 

I have three kinds of lego box that lego use taged buiding toys in black and toys toys toys in pink purple.

I have one that fits two SSD, one that fits two town hall, or one that fits 2 petshop.

is it always like this? If i order 2 tumbler from lego or walmart or toyrus ,will i get that box? If I order two sandcrawler, or two petshops... ?

And for fairgroundmixer sized box, is it two?

And never saw a box for boxes of the size of the mini cooper etc, how many mini cooper or ferrari enters one box? 

I need those boxes.


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