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Number of sets per original LEGO shipping carton or case

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1 hour ago, joneyyy1981 said:

2 i reckon.

Thanks, that’s what I think too but was hoping for confirmation.   I ordered 2 from Costco and instead of just sending out the LEGO box, they took each one out, shrink-wrapped it and then sent?

Of course by the time they got to me they were pretty banged up.

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some EU packaging formats.. 


60183    City            4 per pack
60161    City            3 per pack
60184    City            4 per pack
60174    City            3 per pack
60188    City            3 per pack
60204    City            3 per pack
60223    City            4 per pack

75884    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75885    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75886    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75887    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75888     Speed Champions        4 per pack
75890    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75891    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75892    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75893    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75894    Speed Champions        6 per pack
75895    Speed Champions        6 per pack

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when I think of it.. it might be quite a nice new feature of this portal.. as bricklink records sets dimensions, weight etc.. why not have here a dbase of factory packagings? It would require just a very simply form and everyone from his / her territory could contribute with the values.. given that there are less than 30 different box sizes, even if that particular set packaging is still not in the dbase, the system could suggest that this set has the same dimensions as XX and that was previously distribued by 4 /6 per box.

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I recently came across a Polybag original Lego Cardboard box with 30 Units in it. 30573. I did not buy it...just to be clear 😉

75243 Slave one 20th Anniv. in 4 Packs

75954 Hogwarts Great Hall in 4 Packs

Small Brickheads in 6 Packs (for example 40377)

Double Brickheadz in 4 Packs ( for example 75232

1,5 Brickheadz in 6 Packs ( for example 40378)

Battle Packs   in 4 Packs  ( f. e. 75266)


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