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Number of sets per original LEGO shipping carton or case

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11 minutes ago, uaford said:

Does anyone know about Lego Ideas Birds 21301?


I did 2 store pickups at Walmart for qty 3 on 6/24/2016 and they weren't in a case. So either I had the wrong magic number or maybe their source for those at this point are no longer original cases, I dunno.

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Move me if this pollutes this topic, but have mixed thoughts on benefit of Lego cartons.

Had 2 MFs from TRU delivered today in carton as shipping box (tight, no padding obviously). One MF was good, other has partially squashed corner.

Last week TRUTH I also purchased 2 MF in case in store because they had the empty display box with spider. That seemed nice (perfect specimens).

From B&N bnjune30 slip I have received 3 Temple of Airjitzu. 2 in right size shipping box with decent pillows. Both were perfect.

Ironically the third Temple was shipped alone in Lego case with pillow padding to fill space left from other copy, and has partially crushed corner. Lego case number for Temple is 2.

My conclusion is that Lego cases aren't as beefy/strong as a standard shipping box, not that that is guaranteed.

So aside from the fun of knowing the case quantity can someone enlighten me why I would use that as an ordering strategy?

Have others received case sealed sets in an outer box, effectively double boxed for shipping?


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9 minutes ago, Cozei said:

Have others received case sealed sets in an outer box, effectively double boxed for shipping?

Last year I ordered three Ectos and two Pet Shops at LEGO Shop at Home and both orders arrived as sealed shipping cartons inside an outer box.

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