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My order status

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Should we start a rover pancake thread mine delivered today in bubble mailer good thing the box is much sturdier.


This is very funny just because it was mentioned as a joke 2 days ago.. One of those imagine if .... You don't really expect them to happen !!


Oh wow, now I'm not sure if I want to go home and see this thing.

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Apparently, Kmart can fulfill online orders from local stores. Not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing. Dol Guldur ambush was sent in poly bag - so, that's bad. But they did not cancel behind the back stealing points, so that's good? I was always wondering why entities like Walmart, TRU, etc don't use mixed shipping model. I am guessing on larger scale it makes it more expensive?

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I just got a shipment of two Tower Bridges and one VW. All in one box. With the VW in the middle. Without anything else in the box. For the ones that don't know: the box of the VW is smaller than that of the Bridge, quite a bit. You can imagine how the bottom TB looked like: going back. I would expect differently from Amazon. Luckily only one of the three was crushed.

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For those who were luck enough to take advantage of the recent Meijer Technic sale who is getting their items shipped?


How many were canceled?



Email shows my paltry 10 excavators have shipped.

Should arrive in a day or two.


I was way to slow to the game to stock up on MKII...dangit.

Already have 12+ 9398 from Amazon UK.

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