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75020 - Jabba's Sail Barge


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1 hour ago, jaisonline said:

Exactly. This was the problem with the remake. When comparing it to the original sail barge, it sucked. Sure the figs were better but the barge itself was lackluster and didn't include the skiff and sarlacc pit like before.

Any remake that is less in overall build quality than a previous iteration is a fail in my book.

Same can be said about the 7662 Trade Federation MTT from 2007 vs the 75058 MTT from 2014. Smaller, less faithful to the source, less impressive...

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I do like the newer skiff but the barge should be bigger in comparison. The original barge did seem to fall apart a little but it was better sized to the skiff.

Also the plastic sails are lame compared to the fabric material of the old one.

Should have merged the good things about each set. It is rare that a remake is not as good as an earlier model.

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Jabbas Sail Barge:  hey remember me?

cladner:  Yes.  i just sold one of you for $167 on FBA.  ok for the buyin but not the hold time or relative to msrp.  you sucked as an investment.

Jabbas sail barge:  I will wear the turd crown until you sell the last one of me at which point the price will surge because this set can't be made any more properly without slave leia.   ..!..

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