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9471 - Uruk-Hai Army

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I passed on many at $21 each.  I thought that since I already had 20, I wasn't going to gamble on many more.  I guess I should have known, it wasn't much of a gamble.

This was the first set I began hoarding when I started last year.  With the over 90% of them purchased at $21 or less, I'm very happy with that decision.

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With the massive MOC of Helm's Deep and Osgiliath that I've seen, how can these minifig prices not be soaring? There are some massive Uruk-Hai armies in those. Just saying...

havent had a LOTR/Hobbit movie recently plus the lego investment community is grow at a staggering pace, i really think we need to learn to be happy with getting a 100% return in 1-2 years, the days of 300-400% returns in 1 year on ANY lego set are over, the word is out, people are jumping on the lego investment wagon, just be happy you got in while you did.

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My thought after seeing the battle of the Five Armies is that This Uruk Hai pack could fill the void of wanting a massive army of Orcs and walls for them to attack. 


If these aren't the correct types of Orc's i'll defer to true LOTR fans, but i would think there might be some crossover appeal here?

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What is the consensus on the future growth of this set? The set is selling for $55-$60 CAGR to date is about 24%, has it peaked? Or will it continue to grow at that rate?

I have an opportunity to sell 5 of the 14 I have left, on eBay, for about $5 over the current Brickpicker value. Would anyone continue to hold them all?

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