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Ideas #005: 21104 - NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

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I'm 99% sure the Curiosity rover is gone for good.  I've checked with the powers responsible multiple times, just to be sure.  The remaining 1% uncertainty is just a result of my own naive hope, becau


  Still banging the $150 drum by Christmas I see. Considering they're selling for around $80 at the moment I'd say doubling in five months sounds like a tall order.

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Just now, Darth_Raichu said:

I have not looked at the price for a while.  It is actually leveling off on eBay..  How high can a $30 set get????

Yeah that is why I find it interesting. At some point it passes into pure rare collectible. Amazon price keeps creeping up, although I don't know how many people really buy this set on there.

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With the new Saturn V Ideas Set this one is gold. The price in Europe for MR has immediately rised after Saturn V release. (Both sets are unique ones that are NASA branded)

I have only 10 left (from my former 100) and I won't sell them under 200 Euro... 

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I have to think the lunar lander, the ISS, the Saturn V, the curiosity rover have all sold well. The women of space sets is awesome! I'd definitely buy more of the space theme sets. I only have 2 of the Curiosity sets.

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