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21018 - United Nations Headquarters


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Does anyone know what is going on with this set? It seems to be available _only_ at Shop Lego. And the listings themselves removed from B&****** (not only online, but stores internal DB as well) and Walmart. Considering to buy 5 at MSRP (which does suck, since it was available at B&****** at around $37 with right coupons) at shop lego...

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Yup, your IP has clearly been tracked and blocked and you will soon receive the following mail:


Dear Customer,


Our detective office has warned us about unusual activity from your account. We suspect that someone may have hacked it in order to make large orders of our most popular sets with the intention of reselling them to the general public. For your own protection and safety we have decided to restrict your account access to Chima and Bionicle themes only during the next 365 days in order to check if normal buying patterns resume.


Please contact our Customer Service if you have any doubts.

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Weird I can't find it.


The UNH still appears on the themes page for me -  http://click.linksynergy.com/link?id=jfOcdvfTNg4&offerid=115554.21018&type=15&murl=http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Architecture-ByTheme


However noticeably missing from the themes page is the Imperial Hotel, its just not there. Page is still live but there is no add to cart button or sold out tag or anything..


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I built this one with the partner and we're both really impressed with the finished model, it's a great build.

Trying to get all those flagpoles straight might just be the hardest thing I've done in life... Not recommended for those with OCD.

​you just eliminated 99% of brickpickers :)

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